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‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’: Kyle calls Denise 'ragamuffin' for supporting Dorit, fans say stop being mean

Fans were puzzled by Kyle's bizarre behavior after she began picking fights with her fellow housewives over petty reasons
Denise Richards, Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley (Getty Images)
Denise Richards, Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley (Getty Images)

Kyle Richards managed to rub her fans the wrong way on the latest episode of ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ when she began picking fights with every second person over petty reasons. It all began at her dear friend and fellow housewife- Teddi Mellencamp’s retreat. On her way to Teddi’s retreat, Kyle can be seen lamenting about how exhausted she is due to all her travel and yet woke up at the crack of dawn to support and be there for Teddi.

Dorit Kemsley, on the other hand, arrives fashionably late to Teddi’s retreat. She reaches around lunchtime, looking like a fitness Barbie, with a high ponytail, stylish athleisure outfit and sleek shades. Dorit looking so put together and in Kyle’s words ‘glammed up’ triggered Kyle to no end. Although Dorit says that she got late because she had to drop off her child at school and run some errands, Kyle thinks that she got late because she spent hours getting glammed.

Later, the two ladies have a huge blowout over it. Unfortunately, they don’t resolve it before leaving the retreat and tension between these two housewives continue hanging in the air. After the retreat, the housewives were invited to Denise Richards’s house for a quaint dinner party in her backyard. The ladies show up with their partners and try having some fun before everything goes south.

The tension between Dorit and Kyle was very palpable, with Dorit making constant snide remarks about how Kyle always has Teddi’s back. She even pointed out that both the housewives even shared a bed, suggesting that Teddi and Kyle are lesbians. Dorit’s comments annoy Kyle and the OG housewife tried pointing out to her that she has always defended all her friends. As things begin escalating, Denise tried calming the ladies down but instead gets called a “ragamuffin” by Kyle. Kyle commented that Denise who wears her ‘hair like a mop-top’  and looks like a ‘ragamuffin’ wouldn’t know a thing.

Fans were annoyed with Kyle for coming at Denise for no reason. A fan tweeted,“If@DENISE_RICHARDS is a "ragamuffin" @KyleRichards is the new Jocelyn Wilderstein aka the catlady & botox queen! At least Denise is natural beauty! #behappyintheskinurin #RHOBH.” Another fan commented, “Did Kyle just call Denise a ragamuffin? A ragamuffin? That's some old school disrespect—for real. #RHOBH.” “Really disappointing that Kyle goes after Denise’s looks and hair after she made a valid point in Dorit’s favor for being tardy. Ragamuffin? Seriously? Rude. #RHOBH,” wrote a fan.
Fans also wondered why Kyle was so concerned about Dorit looking “glam”. A fan wondered, “Why is Kyle being a mean girl and making fun of how Denise looks? Why does she care so much that Dorit got glam? It’s not a good look. #RHOBH.” Another fan questioned, “Why is Kyle bugging out so much on this glam thing like Kyle just stop going around in circles. Who cares if Dorit was late just stop it Kyle I’m already bored of it. #RHOBH.”
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