Why is Sutton Stracke distancing herself from Erika Jayne? 'RHOBH' fans here for it

'Sutton is so funny, she basically said she doesn’t wna be involved in Erika’s stupid broke people mess,' joked a fan

                            Why is Sutton Stracke distancing herself from Erika Jayne? 'RHOBH' fans here for it
'RHOBH' stars Sutton Stracke and Erika Jayne (Bravo)

Between Tom Girardi's money embezzlement scandal and Erika Jayne's messy divorce from the disgraced attorney, 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' is chock full of drama. Each new episode features yet another skeleton tumbling out of Erika and Tom's closet that's leaving the Beverly Hills housewives astounded and speechless. Despite the allegations of Erika's involvement in her husband's money embezzlement scandal, the Beverly Hills housewives are firmly standing by her side and extending their love and support to her.

Lisa Rinna, who is notorious for stirring the pot and airing her co-stars' dirty laundry to the world was surprisingly supportive of Erika during this difficult time and believed that Erika was innocent and had no role in Tom's shady business dealings. However, not all housewives are willing to give Erika the pass. The upcoming episode of 'RHOBH' will feature Sutton Stracke declaring that she wants to distance herself from Erika as reports of the housewife's alleged involvement in the embezzlement scandal begin to get stronger.


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In the preview clip released by Bravo for the upcoming episode titled ' Circle of Distrust' we see the ladies pondering over a news report suggesting that Erika may have been involved in a ponzi scheme. While the other ladies wonder what was going on with their friend, Sutton drops the bomb that she doesn't want to get mixed up in Erika's mess. The other ladies looked shocked on hearing Sutton's decision.

Fans have been complaining about how all the housewives seemed to blindly be taking Erika's side, so they were pleased to see at least one of the ladies stand up to Erika. Fans supported Sutton's decision and felt that it was in her best interests to distance herself from Erika as her reputation too could be tainted just by her association with Erika. A fan tweeted, "Yes you should stick by friends but I don't blame Sutton for distancing herself from Erika. That can affect her businesses, how ppl treat her kids and more. Just guilty by association. And Erika threatening ppl. So #RHOBH." Another fan wrote, "Usually irl questioning friends you suspect of manipulating stories or situations usually makes *you* the bad guy. I love listening to Garcelle and Sutton’s confessionals re: Erika but it no doubt ostracized them from the gang when this story was unfolding. Props to them. #RHOBH."





Fans are excited to watch the upcoming drama between Erika and Sutton play out on the show. A fan commented, "I never liked sutton but this season i am absolutely here for her - the rest of the them are begging and playing it safe instead of holding a fraud accountable for stealing from widows and orphans #rhobh." "Sutton is so funny, she basically said she doesn’t wna be involved in Erika’s stupid broke people mess," joked an amused fan. Another fan added, "I can't wait to see Sutton call out Erika. She's definitely an amazing housewife. I enjoy what she's serving but she could use a new stylist.."





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