Why did Kenya Moore snitch on Drew Sidora and male stripper Bolo? 'RHOA' fans call her 'disgusting'

Fans began slamming Kenya for being jealous of her fellow housewife's successful marriage and said that she was trying to damage the relationship

                            Why did Kenya Moore snitch on Drew Sidora and male stripper Bolo? 'RHOA' fans call her 'disgusting'
Kenya Moore and Drew Sidora of 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' (Bravo)

Kenya Moore isn't the one to forgive and forget that easily. The 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star didn't take to new housewife Drew Sidora from the get-go. Kenya alongside her new friend-LaToya Ali constantly poked fun at Drew and her wigs at every given opportunity. So, when Drew finally retaliated by telling all the housewives that Kenya asked her not to tell anyone that she was flying in a private plane with her baby, Brooklyn, the former beauty queen wasn't pleased.

Ever since then Drew earned a spot on Kenya's hitlist. Finally, on the latest episode of 'RHOA', we saw Kenya find a way to get back at Drew. Kandi Burruss threw a dungeon-themed bachelorette party for Cynthia Bailey. The housewife roped in a male stripper named Bolo to entertain the ladies at the party. It would be an understatement to say that the ladies got very excited on seeing Bolo.


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Bolo the stripper (Bravo)

After Bolo did some dance for the ladies, the housewives took to the floor and began showing off their sexy moves. From there, things began getting hot and steamy. Porsha Williams and her friends, Shamea and Tanya Sam, had the time of their lives with Bolo. Kenya stayed on the sidelines by going back to her room to check on Brooklyn. But the housewife couldn't stay away for too long, so she kept sneaking back to see what was happening. 

Kenya was surprised to see Drew having her own share of fun with Bolo. The new housewife danced with the stripper and at some point in the night, she found herself face front on the coffee table while Bolo and the other ladies were dancing behind her. After watching this, the next morning Kenya blew up the story of Drew having her share of harmless fun with Bolo into a huge thing. She began telling all the ladies that Drew got really wild and was doing the most at the party with Bolo.

Footage of Drew and Bolo together from the party (Bravo)

When fans saw how Kenya was snitching on Drew and Bolo, they began slamming the housewife for being jealous of her fellow housewife's successful marriage. A fan tweeted, "So LaToya and Porsha made out, Porsha made out with ‘a couple of people’, Bolo had a group hug and then moaned, Kandi hugged a lady too, Kenya says “what wasn’t Drew doing”... #RHOA." Another said, "Kenya going after drew because she is happily married she is so disgusting #RHOA." Another fan wrote, "Kenya really want Drew and her husband to break up. She so miserable. Clearly she wasn’t even the most turnt. #RHOA."




Drew Sidora (Bravo)

Another fan shared, "I can’t fw kenya, drew & shamea are MARRIED you can’t just be throwing those kinds of accusations around #RHOA." Many fans felt that Kenya was out of line for throwing such scandalous accusations against a married woman. A fan pointed, "Drew should beat Kenya up for doing all this talking honey #RHOA." Another said, "Kenya is a hater!!! Let Drew have her fun!! #RHOA," declared a fan.




Kenya Moore (Bravo)

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