Reality TV's Most Hated People: 'RHOA' housewife Kenya Moore repels fans with her 'toxic AF' attitude

Kenya Moore's negative behavior and toxic personality has cemented her position as the most hated housewife on 'RHOA'

                            Reality TV's Most Hated People: 'RHOA' housewife Kenya Moore repels fans with her 'toxic AF' attitude
Kenya Moore (Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

A pretty face doesn't necessarily mean a pretty heart. 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' fans learned it the hard way after watching Kenya Moore on the show. The former 'Miss USA' made her debut on the popular reality show during Season 5 and she has been nothing but a bundle of negativity ever since.

She immediately developed an intense dislike for new fellow housewife Porsha Williams and the two ladies often engaged in some intense fights through the course of the show.

Loyal fans of 'RHOA' would remember that what sets off Kenya's wrath towards Porsha was her mistaking 'Miss USA' and 'Miss America' as the same thing. When Porsha addressed Kenya as 'Miss America' instead of 'Miss USA', Kenya took such great offense to it that we never heard the end of it for that whole season.

Season 5 would just be the tip of the iceberg to what Kenya had to offer on the show. While Kenya, without a doubt, brings in truckloads of drama and stirs the pot even when it is not required making the show entertaining to watch, she certainly isn't the best company to keep around.

Kenya has developed a notorious reputation for bullying the other housewives on the show and creating discord amongst their marriages. The housewife was criticized heavily for going after housewife Kim Fields even though Kim never hurt or offended Kenya.

Kenya always found a way to bully and nag Kim, which didn't sit well with the fans. In later seasons, we saw her commenting about other housewives' marriages, especially former housewife Phaedra Parks.

When Kenya took a break for a season to give birth to her baby, fans hoped that when she returned she wouldn't regress back to her old spiteful ways. Unfortunately, that didn't come true.

Kenya returned with the same level of toxicity and negative behavior she had in the prior seasons. She almost sabotaged her best friend's engagement party, tore down a fellow woman's business endeavor, tries breaking a relationship, amongst the many things we have witnessed the housewife indulge in on the ongoing season of 'RHOA'.

So, it comes as no surprise that Kenya is easily one of the most hated cast members of 'RHOA'. Several fans have time and again expressed their dislike towards the former beauty queen. A fan tweeted, "I hate Kenya. Forever and always. She's toxic AF #RHOA."

Another fan wrote, "I used to HATE Kenya because she always went too far constantly talking about families, marriages, businesses, etc. I was willing to give her another chance this season but she’s going down the same road. If she aired her own dirty laundry as well it would be different #RHOA Peach."

"Nah. Kenya's just an insidious, empty husk — she has a big black hole in her soul she fills up on the reg with hate and jealousy. She's an ugly monster. There is no coming back from bringing another woman in to mock ur friend becus you're a hateful troll. Karma will have u. #RHOA," expressed a fan, when Kenya brought in the cookie lady to humiliate Tanya Sam.

Another fan shared, "Watching the #RHOA marathon. It just confirmed what we all knew: Kenya is evil and loves to spread hate among the ladies because that's her nature and it pleases her. Hopefully, she won't be back again... #RHOAVirtualReunion."

"Do ppl notice Kenya's first objective is to hate on other women when they come on the show cause they have things she wants #RHOA," pointed out a fan. 

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