‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’: Fans think Marlo deserved being shaded for saying Kenya's mother doesn't want her

'RHOA' fans felt that Marlo Hampton deserved Kenya Moore's outrageous behavior.

                            ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’: Fans think Marlo deserved being shaded for saying Kenya's mother doesn't want her
Real Housewives of Atlanta (Source : Getty Images)

The housewives on ‘RHOA’ sure know a thing or two on how to perfectly throw shade at your enemy. On the latest episode of RHOA, Kenya Moore came for NeNe Leake’s friend, Marlo Hampton. Marlo threw a wig installation party to launch her wig line. The party looked extremely dull and boring until Kenya crashed the party. The former Miss USA has her own range of haircare products, and under the guise of promoting her business she marched into Marlo’s event with drummers and a band chanting “Your edges matter”.
In case you’re wondering why Kenya was talking about edges, in the previous episode, Marlo revealed that she has really thin edges and is very insecure about them. The other housewives just broke into laughter at Kenya’s petty shade. Marlo tried her best to be a bigger person and ensure that her guests enjoyed the party, but when Kenya began handing out samples of her products to the guests, the hostess lost it and began calling for security to escort the former beauty queen out.

It was without a doubt very petty behavior on Kenya’s part, but fans chose to take her side and felt that Marlo had it coming for all the bad things she spoke about Kenya in the earlier seasons. In one of the previous seasons, Marlo gloated about Kenya being abandoned by her mother, and how nobody wanted her. So, fans felt that it was only fair Marlo got what she deserved. A fan tweeted, “Take that Marlo for the lowest of blows when you said to Kenya “You’re Momma don’t even want you”. Kenya owed you some serious shade. Marlo has been served. #RHOA”. Another fan commented, “Marlo is the same person that made fun of Kenya’s mom not wanting her.. she deserved that drumine. #RHOA”.
“I’m literally screaming at the TV! Kenya is undefeated #RHOA All jokes aside, Marlo really hit a soft spot when she mentioned Mark, Kenya came for blood”, observed a fan. Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, “Kenya bringing the band & promoting her product at Marlo's event was some funny shit. Marlo should be able to take it after what she said about Kenya's own mother not loving her a few seasons back #RHOA”. “Marlo literally all up in everybody business, talking shit bout their lives... & when it’s directed towards her, she can’t take it? #RHOA”, pointed out a fan. “After all the unnecessary shade and mean comments Marlo throws to everyone time and time again.. it was a relief to see Kenya come thru and crush her.  #RHOA”, wrote a fan.
What did you think of Kenya Moore crashing Marlo Hampton’s party? Let us know. ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ season 12 airs every Sunday, at 8 pm ET/PT on Bravo.

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