Is Kenya Moore jealous of LaToya Ali's newfound friendship with Porsha Williams? 'RHOA' fans call her 'bitter'

Fans are excited to watch the epic fallout between LaToya Ali and Kenya Moore on the upcoming episodes of 'RHOA'

                            Is Kenya Moore jealous of LaToya Ali's newfound friendship with Porsha Williams? 'RHOA' fans call her 'bitter'
Porsha Williams, Kenya Moore and LaToya Ali of 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' (Bravo)

Kenya Moore's friendship with new cast member LaToya Ali on 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' raised quite a few eyebrows. Kenya being unusually nice to LaToya left many fans with unsettling feelings, although they were all confident that it was just a matter of time before the former beauty queen would quickly turn against LaToya and their friendship would come to a screeching halt.

But surprisingly, it looks like LaToya will be turning against Kenya soon. On the latest episode of 'RHOA', Latoya could be seen telling Porsha Williams that she is finally beginning to see why the other ladies seem to have a problem with Kenya. LaToya was unhappy over Kenya nitpicking over the events that transpired at Cynthia's bachelorette party between the ladies and the stripper they hired, Bolo. 


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Kenya Moore (Bravo)

During the bachelorette party night, LaToya and Porsha got really close and began making out with each other. Kenya noticed it but chose not to speak about it. Instead, she resorted to behaving passive-aggressively the next morning. When LaToya tried to hug and give Kenya a peck on the cheek, the housewife refused it citing she didn't know where LaToya's lips had been the previous night. Kenya also began interrogating the new cast member to gauge if she had hooked up with the stripper, as she heard the voices of multiple women moaning and groaning that morning. LaToya denied hooking up with Bolo by pointing out that she was live on Instagram and after that she slept off.

Although Kenya stopped grilling LaToya any further, fans were convinced that the housewife was jealous over Porsha and the YouTuber getting very close at the party. A fan tweeted, "I don’t understand why Kenya is so worried about who slept with the stripper... shouldn’t she be worried about her baby who she left upstairs just to see what “tea” she could get?? She just mad cause Latoya was getting it on with Porsha!! #RHOA she told her girlfriend!!" Another said, "Kenya is just mad she didn’t get any from bolo or LaToya #RHOA." One more said, "To me it seems Kenya was jealous that latoya was giving porsha and others attention and now she’s being petty. Jealousy looks bad on everyone. #RHOA."

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Fans are also eager to watch the drama between LaToya and Kenya unfold after the new cast member tried throwing the housewife under the bus. A fan shared, "Yes #latoya turning on #KenyaMoore It's going to be lit now for sure. Kenya mad cause Latoya got with Porsha and left her ass bitter! #rhoa #realhousewivesofatlanta." Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, "#rhoa Very interesting how Latoya flipped the script tonight lol. Kenya was her biggest ally. Wonder what she'll do now come reunion time. I think this reunion will definitely make up for this dry season minus tonight's episode."

"I knew the ladies would make Kenya out to be the bad guy on #rhoa for this Bolo episode. Latoya done messed up now. Her biggest ally was Kenya. Team Twirl will be dragging her tonight lol!" commented a fan. "Latoya’s either going against Kenya bc 1. She was part of the threesome, 2. She got close to Porsha the night before and now has a new ally, or 3. She’s actually a good friend who calls people out on their bullshit #rhoa," observed a fan.

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