What is LaToya Ali's ethnicity? 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star blames 'Trini' roots for touching inappropriately

'Latoya giving caribbean people a bad name,' fans say after watching the housewife blame her Trinidadian roots for invading Drew Sidora's personal space

                            What is LaToya Ali's ethnicity? 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star blames 'Trini' roots for touching inappropriately
LaToya Ali blamed her Trinidadian roots for invading Drew Sidora's personal space (Instagram)

LaToya Ali, the newest addition to 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' cast might just be a few episodes old, but she is already busy picking fights with her co-stars, especially fellow new cast member, Drew Sidora. LaToya took an instant dislike for Drew right from their first meeting. At that time, she openly declared that she didn't like the new housewife because of her role in the popular television series 'The Game'. Although Drew just laughed it off and continued to play it cool, LaToya wasn't joking. She began making snide remarks about Drew's wigs behind her back.

From comparing it to "pet hair" to commenting about how its glue was visible, the popular YouTuber had her claws out against Drew. When Drew learned about LaToya's snide comments from the other ladies, she was taken aback and wondered why she was being attacked by a girl who she met barely twice. Unfortunately, just like their previous two meetings, the duo's third meeting too didn't go down very well.


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Their third meeting was during a girls' trip in South Carolina. When the housewives learned that Porsha Williams' friend – Falynn, brought along her husband on the trip, there were mixed reactions. LaToya didn't take to it well and immediately called out Falynn for bringing her man on a girls trip. Drew intervened and made a comment about how not everybody isn't like LaToya, who doesn't care for her husband. 

LaToya got annoyed on hearing Drew's remarks and grabbed the housewife's hands aggressively. Drew immediately snapped and called out LaToya for touching her inappropriately. The remaining ladies had to quickly intervene to diffuse the situation before it escalated. Marlo Hampton took Drew's side and declared that she witnessed LaToya grabbing the new housewife's hands. So, the ladies pressurized her to apologize to Drew for getting aggressive. 

Drew Sidora (Bravo)

So, she reluctantly apologized to the new housewife. Later, when the ladies sat down and were discussing the incident, they asked LaToya what was going on. She casually mentioned that she was a "Trini", and Trini people are "touchy-feely", as her defense for getting into Drew's personal space. When fans heard LaToya blaming her poor behavior on her Trinidadian roots, they began fuming at her. 

LaToya was born in Ontario, Canada. She is the daughter of Nigel Wilson and Debbie Howard, who are of Trinidadian descent. Her father, Nigel, was a former Canadian baseball player. 


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A fan tweeted, "Imma need LaToya to stop claiming Trinidad with that disgusting behavior. Girl you're Torontonian with Trini roots... Quit saying you're Trini. You're making us look bad. Ew #RHOA." Another fan wrote, "I'm trini, we're very touchy-feely" LATOYA STOP CLAIMING US!!! #RHOA." "LaToya I know your fake Trini a** ain’t trying to use our culture as a reason for you violating someone’s space. #RHOA.," declared a fan.




Another fan explained how it's not Trinidadian/ Caribbean culture to invade someone's personal space with, "I hate when people dismiss their being rude as "We're Caribbean. We're just like that." Every Caribbean/West Indian person I have ever met is super polite and mindful of people's personal space. Miss me with that sh*t, Latoya. You picking up some of Kenya's bad habits. #RHOA." "Latoya giving Caribbean people a bad name #rhoa," expressed a disgruntled fan. 




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