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‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’: Fans feel Todd Tucker should go a bit easy on Kaela and allow Kandi Burruss to spoil her

'RHOA' fans feel that Todd Tucker should go easier on his daughter Kaela, and let Kandi spoil her a bit.
UPDATED JAN 28, 2020
Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker (Source : Getty Images)
Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker (Source : Getty Images)

On the latest episode of RHOA, we finally saw Todd Tucker’s daughter Kaela calling him out for not knowing how to show affection to her. In the past, we have seen Kaela being treated badly by Todd in the name of preparing her and “making her strong”. Although Todd’s wife, Kandi Burruss doesn’t necessarily agree with Todd’s style of parenting, she refrains from interfering between them because Kaela is Todd’s biological child from his earlier relationship, and feels it would be overstepping her boundaries if she got between the father and daughter.
In the previous episode, we saw Kandi helping her daughter move into her fancy New York apartment, and ensuring she has everything she needs during her internship. While Kaela too plans to move to New York for pursuing her dreams of getting into the fashion industry, we don’t see Todd making any attempts or trying to help out his girl. When Kaela tells him that he doesn’t know how to show affection and only knows how to show anger, Todd looked surprised and asks her how can he improve their relationship. Kaela holds back her tears while telling him about how her mother constantly texts and calls her to check on her, and wishes he would be more involved in her life.
Todd apologizes to her and says he’ll do better. Kaela didn’t seem to buy her father’s apology but just accepted it and walked away. Fans couldn’t help but feel sorry for Kaela after watching her interaction with her father. They also felt that Todd should go a little more easy on his girl and allow Kandi to spoil her if he’s not willing to. A fan tweeted, “Todd Tucker. Why won't you let Kandi give extras to Kaela? Yes, she's your daughter but Y'ALL are a blended family. She should be able to benefit similar to Riley, esp. if she's doing well with school or work. A couple bonuses here & there won't "spoil" her. #RHOA”.
Another fan commented, “Todd should at least let Kandi spoil Kaela. That must be hard for her to watch Kandi treat Riley and Ace a certain way but Todd is like “nah she has to be independent” with his daughter. #RHOA”. Several fans felt that it was unfair f Todd to enjoy Kandi’s wealth while not allowing his daughter the same. A fan pointed out, “People are blaming Kandi but she loves Kaela as if she is her own daughter and wants to help Kaela just like she helps Riley. It's Todd that keeps interfering with that. Todd doesn't want Kandi to spend money on Kaela but didn't mind Kandi buying him a sports car. #RHOA”. Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, “why is Todd trying to stop kaela’s bag? so it’s okay for him to use kandi’s money but kaela can’t??!?!? #RHOA”. “Todd using all Kandi’s money and won’t let Kaela be spoiled 😩 #RHOA”, shared a fan. “Todd is starting to annoy me! How can he reap the benefits of being married to Kandi, but leave Kaela out! I swear he doing damage! #rhoa”, observed a fan.
‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ season 12 airs every Sunday, at 8 pm ET/PT on Bravo.