Caroline Stanbury says 'no alcohol, no strippers' for party, 'RHODubai' fans joke 'this is sad'

Caroline Stanbury says 'no alcohol, no strippers' for party, 'RHODubai' fans joke 'this is sad'
A still from 'The Real Housewives of Dubai' (Bravo)

Bravo's 'The Real Housewives of Dubai' had made its highly anticipated debut. Against the backdrop of the “desert paradise” of Dubai, the debut episode introduced a group of successful women in the midst of their supremely lavish and ultra-wealthy lifestyle in the United Arab Emirates. The housewives describe Dubai as a safe playground where women are free to have fun and do what they want.

The premiere episode gave the viewers a glimpse into the jaw-dropping modern architecture including the glittering skyscrapers, as well the lavish living conditions of the UAE. The Bravo show has also educated its international viewers with many unknown facts about the culture of the UAE.  While celebrating her bachelorette party, Caroline Stanbury reveals that her party will have no alcohol or strippers because of the restrictions imposed by the UAE laws. She reveals that alcohol consumption is not a criminal offense in the UAE, but it can only be consumed privately or in licensed public places.


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The UAE has an absolute zero-tolerance policy against alcohol and drugs. Alcohol is available in hotel restaurants and bars in most Emirates, but it can only be consumed in licensed public places.  However use and possession of drugs are serious crimes in the UAE, with very little leniency shown. Some of the viewers were surprised to learn that alcohol is restricted in the UAE.

One fan tweeted "I'm slightly confused abt the rules & regulations in Dubai - clothing, alcohol, social restrictions, etc. #RHODubai". "Dubai seem strict w the marriage/ religion, sex toys, & alcohol availability #RHODubai" pointed a fan. "Wow I didn’t know they had strict as alcohol law #RHODubai" shared a fan. Another fan tweeted "Overpriced. Small homes. Limited alcohol. No weed. This is sad #RHODubai".







However, despite the restrictions, fans praised 'RHODubai' for highlighting UAE for its history, culture, language, and beauty. Cast member Sara is an Arab woman born in Ajman. Being a divorcee, she reveals how UAE is now accepting single mothers and divorced women. Moreover, she also commented on the fusion between Islam and the culture of the UAE. Sara is also seen talking in Arabic with her fellow cast member Nina and mentions how she balances both the Arab and western traditions in her home.

One fan tweeted "The scenery, the women’s honesty and success, the culture. I’ve been watching Housewives since the beginning, and #RHODubai might have had the best first episode I’ve ever seen". "Sara’s commentary on the difference between Islam and culture is spot on! I really love they’re talking about these things in the first episode #RHODubai" shared a fan. "I absolutely love that #RHODubai has so much Arabic being spoken. It’s so nice to see elements of culture on such a format." noted a fan. Another fan tweeted "I love that Sara and Nina speak Arabic to each other! It shows the culture more. #RHODubai".







'Real Housewives of Dubai' airs every Wednesday at 9/8c on Bravo, and is available for streaming on Peacock.

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