Andrew Cuomo seen inviting journo to 'to his shower' in resurfaced video, Internet says 'give him an Emmy'

Andrew Cuomo seen inviting journo to 'to his shower' in resurfaced video, Internet says 'give him an Emmy'
Andrew Cuomo invited CBS journalist Marcia Kramer to 'come to the shower' if she wanted to hear him sing (Getty Images, CBS New York)

The accusations against Andrew Cuomo just never seem to end. In a recently unearthed video from 2018, the New York governor is seen making a rather creepy suggestion to a female reporter, thereby lending credence to a pattern of inappropriate sexual behavior from the embattled Democrat politician.

The awkward remark came at the end of a debate between Cuomo and his Republican gubernatorial challenger Marc Molinaro, The Blaze reported.


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The exchange took place as the contentious debate was winding down and WCBS-TV political correspondent Marcia Kramer asked the contenders to sing a few bars of a song in order to personalize their campaigns.

Here's a transcript of the exchange, as reported by The Blaze.

"Empire State of Mind, I'm not singing it," Cuomo refused.

"Oh c'mon!" Kramer urged. "You can do it!"


"No, no," Cuomo responded.

"Oh, you're a coward!" she teased.

"In the shower, I can do it!" he insisted, smiling.

Kramer then proceeded to Molinaro, who also refused to sing the song cited.

"Can't I get you to sing just a few bars of Empire State of Mind?" she said back to Cuomo.

"No! That's a campaign killer!" he quipped.

"Alright, fine, we're gonna go to the end of the debate," she continued.


"Unless you come to the shower!" Cuomo added.



Molinaro appeared unfazed by the joke at the time, but he later tweeted that the comment was "awkward & inappropriate".


The clip resurfaced as the beleaguered New York governor is facing several accusations from women about a series of sexual harassment episodes, including allegations of unwanted touching, groping, and inappropriate comments. Meanwhile, Cuomo is also facing a public backlash after the controversial order he gave to house Covid-19 patients in nursing homes, where thousands of elderly patients later died. As a result, several notable politicians, including many from his own party, have called for his resignation.


Julie Killian, Molinaro's running mate at the time, also complained about Cuomo on Twitter. "Really @andrewcuomo? You've hid in your mansion while countless women have spoken out against Albany's rampant culture of sexual abuse, and now you're inviting them to your shower," Killian tweeted.




Other leaders also criticized him at the time, including Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Larry Sharpe. "How can a person (@NYGovCuomo) claim he supports women's rights and [sic] then invite the debate moderator into the shower? It's hypocrisy at its finest," he tweeted.




'Why is he still in office?'

Some social media users lashed out at Cuomo after the controversial 2018 clip resurfaced.

"Let's just table how absolutely demeaning that is to do to a female professional for a second. This is not hòw any American elected official should conduct themselves and shows his true character. Until we expect more we will get less," one wrote.

Others claimed he was getting "free passes" because he's a Democrat. "Hey liberal hypocrites, why is he still in office, hmm? Oh yeah, he's a democrat," one user alleged. "Why is it that Dems get free passes? Enough is enough! Hold them accountable," another added. "Give that man an Emmy and a book deal!!!" a third quipped.











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