'Rich in Love' Review: Predictable romance runs high on clichés but finds grace in its sensuality

'Rich in Love' Review: Predictable romance runs high on clichés but finds grace in its sensuality
Teto Trancoso and Paula (Netflix)

Nearly every woman you encounter on Netflix's latest romantic-drama 'Rich in Love' desires the small town playboy and Mr Tomato Prince Teto Trancoso (Danilo Mesquita), the prodigal son a wealthy tomato business tycoon. 

He literally believes "you only live once" and goes about his daily life following the idea religiously, not exposed to the harsh realities of life at all.

His mere name is enough to drive a woman head over heels crazy about him, from lady police officer to an industry program trainer, and the tomato prince never shies away from taking advantage of such an opportunity. 

Meanwhile, the other protagonist of 'Rich in Live' is Paula (Giovanna Lancelloti), an aspiring doctor who sucks up to her professor until it makes her and the audience uncomfortable.

She’s hard to get and that makes her more irresistible in the eyes of the men she crosses paths with. Again, every man she meets wants to have a chance with her. 

However, when Teto and Paula meet each other, they let go of all their inhibitions and soon become deeply involved in each other's life.

However, Teto, who is determined to establish himself without the influence of his wealthy father, has many obstacles to overcome on both personal and professional ends as his relationship with Paula is based on a barefaced lie.

Although the plotline is predictable, a bit of comedy and a lot of sensuality keep your attention retained, not letting you relapse into boredom with long dialogues or a cringe-worthy display of emotions.

However, the sudden flip of characters seems forceful, like it was only done to define them beyond what they were initially portrayed to be. 

What appeals most about 'Rich in Love' is the picturesque scenes. The movie highlights the life of the rich and poor equally through its characters. It also puts Brazil's local culture in display through tomato fests, carnivals and horseback riding.

While Teto's acting and appearance match his personality and one can relate him with the spoiled son of a filthy rich father, it's hard to take Paula for a doctor, though she tries to prove her knowledge in medicine by talking about it than putting it to works. 

'Rich in Love' may not serve all its target audience considering the number of stereotypes and an absurd opinion of love it showcases. However, it does offer light-hearted entertainment to some if that's all one is seeking. 

'Rich in Love' is available to stream on Netflix.

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