Did Baeumlers 'risk everything' with Bahamas move? 'Renovation Island' fans don't think so

'Hey owners of #RenovationIsland we don’t care if you’re 'risking everything' That’s the choice you made and I’m sure you’ll be just fine,' wrote a fan

                            Did Baeumlers 'risk everything' with Bahamas move? 'Renovation Island' fans don't think so
'Renovation Island' stars Sarah and Bryan Baeumler (HGTV)

In nearly every episode of 'Renovation Island' you'll hear either Bryan or Sarah Baeumler anxiously declare that they 'risked everything' with their big decision to move to the Bahamas and open a resort. While Bryan and Sarah stress over opening their resort and making it a profitable venture, fans however are having a hard time believing that the popular HGTV hosts risked everything as they claimed. 

The previous season of 'Renovation Island' featured Bryan and Sarah uprooting their family and moving to the Bahamas. The couple bought an old, rundown hotel on the island and decided to convert the 10-acre abandoned property into a luxury tourist hotspot. So, they invested over $10 million into the purchase and renovation of the property. The couple was banking heavily on their investment to turn out into a very profitable venture, but unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic put a damper on their ambitious plans.


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Sarah and Bryan Baeumler claim they 'risked everything' by moving to the Bahamas (HGTV)

Due to the lockdown that came into effect owing to the pandemic, the Baeumlers had to immediately shut down their resort briefly to ensure the safety of their guests and staff. They also had to cancel all the bookings they got and refund the money to their guests. So needless to say the Baeumlers found themselves in a tricky situation, as they have to continue to maintain their resort property without getting any revenue.

The Baeumlers can often be heard complaining about how they have no choice but to make their ambitious plan of making a living out of running their resort work, as they risked everything by investing all their money into the massive project. So, during the lockdown the duo took on several little repair and renovation works inside the property, so that when it's time to open the doors to their guests everything would look flawless.

Despite the Baeumlers' portrayal of experiencing a hard time financially during the pandemic, fans are refusing to buy it. After watching the couple hire a private teacher for their children on the island, and their several renovation works, fans are second-guessing the couple's claims of risking everything and being suck in a hard place financially. A fan tweeted, "#renovationisland Risked everything my a**. I think you’ll be OK with your multi-million dollar house and business and private teacher for your kids." Another fan wrote, "Hey owners of #RenovationIsland we don’t care if you’re “risking everything” That’s the choice you made and I’m sure you’ll be just fine." One fan commented, "Literally no one: @Bryan_Baeumler : we risked everything #renovationisland." "#renovationisland = white people problems," said a fan.



The Baeumler Family (HGTV)




'Renovation island' Season 2 airs every Sunday at 8/7c on HGTV. 

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