'Renovation Impossible': Who is Russel J Holmes? Host of HGTV show loves cars and construction

'Renovation Impossible': Who is Russel J Holmes? Host of HGTV show loves cars and construction
Russel J Holmes on the set of HGTV's new show 'Reovation Impossible' (@russeljholmes/Instagram)

They say ‘home is where the heart is', but if you don’t like your home, how must your heart feel satisfied and happy? HGTV's new show ‘Renovation Impossible’ set to premiere on September 8 has attracted a lot of attention to its fairly recognizable host - Russel J Holmes.

In the show, Holmes, a construction expert and Paige Poupart, a designer, help homeowners get their halted renovation plans realized through brilliant and ingenious dollar-stretching solutions.

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Who is HGTV's 'Renovation Impossible' host Russel J Holmes?

Russell J Holmes is a construction expert with more than twenty years of experience. He's seen and dealt with just about any problem a contractor could encounter. Best known for his creative renovations in Discovery’s Fast N’ Loud through which he rose to fame and Garage Rehab. Holmes also joined as Richard Rawlings‘ fixer in the show ‘Gas Monkey Garage.’ The HGTV host has always been a huge fan of Rawlings, when he saw that they were looking for someone for the show, Russel applied in haste and shortly later got a call from Pilgrim Studios.

If you know of Russel J Holmes, you must know that he loves cars. A childhood obsession that took shape over the years. Holmes drove his first car when he was 12. After finding the car key in the ignition and no family at home to surveil him, Russel and his friends took his stepfather’s car for a ride. Although Russell could barely see over the dashboard of the 1972 Pontiac Catalina, he drove up to his friend’s house where he found his parents and his parents allowed him to drive the car back home. At 14, Russel bought his first car -  a 1978 Camaro.


Who is Russel J Holmes married to?

While Holmes is very secretive about his personal life, not much is known about him. He was married to his ex-wife Regina and had 2 sons with her, namely Dylan Holmes and Zachary Holmes. Holmes boasts about how his boys are his biggest fans.


What is Russel J Holmes' net worth?

Coming from a really humble beginning, Holmes has made himself a name and money. His projected net worth is $1.5 million.

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