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'Renovation Goldmine Bridgerton': Power couple started their journey with a changing table

Joe and Meg add that X- factor that makes the show more than just a home renovation show
Joe and Meg Piercy (Instagram @joepiercy_)
Joe and Meg Piercy (Instagram @joepiercy_)

Joe and Meg Piercy are Chicago-based designers and renovators who specialize in recycling the wealth of treasures found in their clients' houses. Each episode features the team repurposing old furniture and other items that their clients already own, with the money saved going toward giving families their ideal house restoration.

Joe and Meg will assist one couple to update their main bedroom and another family accomplishing a full kitchen renovation in the premiere episode of 'Renovation Goldmine Bridgerton'. Various things, such as side tables, a vintage desk, and antique chairs, will be transformed into stunning classic pieces that will be included back in the restored areas. As the season progresses, Joe and Meg will complete more gorgeous home makeovers, restoring dining tables, buffets, and couches that require a makeover with rich paints, stains, and textiles. Here is what all you need to know about the couple.


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Who are Joe and Meg Piercy?

Meg Piercy and her husband Joe are the founders of MegMade, and they love to show residents that makeovers can be done on a shoestring. The pair repurposes old furniture and other items that have been sitting unused in their clients' houses, then uses the money saved to provide families with the homes they've always dreamed of.


How did Joe and Meg meet?

Meg Piercy, a graduate of the University of Kansas and a native of Kansas City, has midwestern roots but has always wanted to live in a large city. Meg moved to Chicago, Illinois, after graduating with a degree in journalism and strategic communications; in seeking the stimulation that only a big city can provide; little did she realize that she would set up new origins that would last long. Joe Piercy, who was born and raised in Champaign, Illinois, graduated from the University of Illinois with an accounting degree; he has always been the life of the party in Illinois. Joe is constantly eager to get things done, he exudes a unique sense of positive drive, and he approaches life with a half-full attitude. Joe is and has always been a family man. Joe is firstly a father, then a businessman, and that is and always will be the motivating force behind everything he does.


After meeting each other and only six weeks later, they were engaged! Meg mentions that "I knew I was going to marry this guy the second I met him." From that moment, They've built their business and their family since then, with three lovely sons.


The couple keeps posting pictures on their social media accounts with their kids. Meg posted a picture with the caption: "Wow, I haven’t posted to my personal page in a whole year! What a year of clarity and trials it has been! Grateful for this boy gang that keeps me on my toes and helps me laugh all the time! Hope you all are hanging in there! Photo by @erinkonrath".


Looking at their Instagram profiles, we can see that the pair has been together for more than 13 year. Joe also uploaded a photo on their 12th anniversary with the caption: "Can’t believe 12 years ago we got married! Happy anniversary (even if it’s a day late)."
So much has changed but some things stay the same…and that I just love doing life with you! Your the best wife and mom a guy could have!
Love Joe"


Another picture had the caption: "Meg & Joe's View On Commitment✨ on the blog now! Today for Valentine's Day we decided to do something special -- click the link in my bio to check it out now! 

​Happy Valentine's Day! It's crazy to think 13 years ago Joe and I fell in love and spent our first Valentine's Day together. Isn't it crazy how one person can change the rest of your life? Especially on Valentine's Day, so many people talk about love. Who doesn't love love?! When you've been in a marriage for the long haul, the thing that gets you through "for better or for worse" is the commitment you and your partner have. Click the link in my bio to read what we think the difference has been to keep the love alive throughout the years through commitment ❤️"

The couple always looks for the Gold

"Find the gold" is one of the couple's favorite sayings, and it's how they came up with the name for their new series. Their mission is to uncover hidden gold in everything they do, including people, places, and things. They've developed their company by discovering the gold in the old, vintage, and defunct and bringing it back to life.


Their journey began with a Changing Table

Money was limited when their first kid was born. They found an old dresser in an alley and turned it into a changing table. They were soon painting furniture in their basement and selling it on Craiglist, which grew into a Chicago shop. They now adapt antique antiques as well as other furniture and home décor.


Meg and Joe's 'Renovation Goldmine' will air on HGTV on April 30, Saturday at 8/7c on HGTV.