YFN Lucci and Reginae Carter split over 'Cucumber Party', here are all the details on the controversial event

Lil Wayne's daughter broke up with her rapper-singer boyfriend at a wild bash thrown by Alexis Skyy and here’s what made the event infamous on social media

                            YFN Lucci and Reginae Carter split over 'Cucumber Party', here are all the details on the controversial event
Reginae Carter, YFN Lucci (Getty Images)

Reginae Carter and boyfriend YFN Lucci recently broke up and the couple has been in news for a while now, but what sparked this breakup was more newsworthy.

In an interview, Carter openly explained the reason of her split, where she mentioned the infamous ‘Cucumber Party’ where Lucci was spotted. Owing to the reputation of the party, Carter felt that it was not “respectful” for Lucci to be in such a place, the reasons you will soon find out.

The 'Cucumber Party' which Carter refers to is a wild private bash that was hosted in August 2019 by Alexis Skyy and her boyfriend of that time, Trouble. The reality star and her beau became the hottest trending topic on Twitter after the two shared posts on their social media handles. The couple threw a #CucumberChallenge-themed party at their Atlanta mansion. But this wasn’t any regular party which was limited to drinking, dancing or going wild. Instead, it turned into an event of what is reported "all-out debauchery".

The pool-side party saw a big turnout of guests, who flaunted their summer bodies. But the one stealing all the attention and limelight was Skyy, who streamed the event live and made it the craziest and wildest of her Instagram stories. Now, with the theme of the party being “cucumber”, there had to be activities involving the same, or so there were.

As reported, there was a cucumber contest, inviting the guests to use the vegetable in the most unimaginable way possible and the idea was to see who could get most graphic with it. In a video that lasted for a brief time on social media, it showed Alexis penetrating another woman with a cucumber and then taking it out and putting it back into the woman’s mouth.

As per Instagram’s policies, such videos are not acceptable and Skyy’s video was quickly deleted by the platform but meanwhile, people had already managed to capture it and share across multiple platforms.

Now, coming back to Carter and Lucci’s relationship, this event had a big role to play in their split. Carter called the incident "the last straw" between her and Lucci and was reportedly “disgusted” by the whole antics of the event and how it all turned out on social media. She was spotted at the party spying on Lucci. Lucci was one of the hosts but as per Carter’s statement, she didn’t expect him to be there.

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