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Reese Witherspoon reveals her stunt double, Marilee, and fans think she could pass off as her own daughter

Reese also revealed that she and her stunt double are hanging out on the sets of Big Little Lies, meaning a lot of action presumably being in-store this coming season.
Reese Witherspoon (Source:Getty Images)
Reese Witherspoon (Source:Getty Images)

Reese Witherspoon is a sorceress at cloning and no, there's no argument about it. Remember when we were all left speechless as the similarity between the actress and her daughter Ava? It's almost like Reese had a baby with her own self. But looks like Reese is never content with having a strikingly similar doppelganger, so she has now gone ahead and found another one - in her stunt double. Now, authenticity regarding stunt doubles is a major requirement, but hardly ever do you see one of them so incredibly similar looking that it really makes you do a double take to figure out who's the actor, and who is the stunt double. As was the case with Reese's new Instagram post, where she finally unveiled hers, and boy - were we left shocked!

It's quite possible that these two are twins separated at birth, but another thing fans couldn't stop wondering was if this is just a big clue for the upcoming second season of 'Big Little Lies'!

Called Marilee, the 42-year-old actor's stunt double can be seen in Reese's Instagram video, wearing the exact same blue shirt as the actress, and standing next to her to showcase the spooky resemblance between the two. The Legally Blonde actress also revealed that she has used Marilee as a body double for several times in the past, before gushing, "Don’t we look alike?"

Yes, Reese. It's scary just how much! Especially since Marilee herself follows it up in the same manner, saying: "We totally look alike." And fans also pointed out that they look so much similar that Marilee can actually pass off as Reese's 18-year-old daughter, Ava.

Reese Witherspoon (R) and Ava Phillippe attend the European Premiere of 'A Wrinkle In Time' at BFI IMAX on March 13, 2018 in London, England. (Photo by John Phillips/John Phillips/Getty Images)

The same signature sunshine smile and the heart-shaped face - and of course - the glorious blonde mane. Everything is similar! And what's even more exciting is that Reese also revealed that she and her stunt double are hanging out on the sets of 'Big Little Lies', meaning a lot of action presumably being in-store for the fans this coming season or else why would she have her body double tag along, right?

For those clueless about the prospective action that might go down in the coming season the fist and preceding season ended with the women of Monterey covering up some unfortunate murder (don't worry - we won't spill who!) and despite them having the time of their lives on the beach, fans better not expect everything to remain all sunshine and rainbows for them.

Season two of Big Little Lies is supposed to return in 2019, and rumor has it that Meryl Streep will be joining the cast as Nicole Kidman's character's mother. All the more reason to look forward to it, other than trying to play a game called spot-Reese's-lookalike of course!