'Rebuilding a Dream Christmas': 5 things to know about Lifetime's Christmas movie

'Rebuilding a Dream Christmas': 5 things to know about Lifetime's Christmas movie
Meggan Kaiser, Zane Stephens and Bryson JonSteele in 'Rebuilding a Dream Christmas' (Lifetime)

The air is beautifully chilled, the lights are mesmerizingly sparkly and all seems well as the world looks forward to the most wonderful time of the year. Yes, Christmas is just a few days away now, and with it comes a sweet collection of holiday movies from Lifetime!

If you're not one for too much excitement and prefer staying indoors cozy with a cuppa and a good heartwarming movie then 'Rebuilding a Dream Christmas' is just the right fit for you! Lifetime's upcoming film is part of its annual 'Its a Wonderful Lifetime' program and aims to deliver the Christmas movie fix you need. The story will see a real estate broker forced to come back and fix an old house left in her name as Christmas works its magic and makes her realize what truly matters to her. If you're a fan of festive watches then check out 'Christmas by Chance' and 'Hot Chocolate Holiday' on Lifetime as well!



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When will 'Rebuilding a Dream Christmas' release and where to watch it?

'Rebuilding a Dream Christmas' is set to premiere on Thursday, December 23, 2021, at 8 pm / 7c. You can watch it on the Lifetime channel.


What is 'Rebuilding a Dream Christmas' about?

According to Lifetime: Successful real estate broker Abbey is forced back to her hometown to repair a Victorian house she inherited from her grandmother. She decides to sell the house and hires single dad, Josh, to help with the repairs. Working together brings up memories from her past and as her relationship with Josh and his eight-year-old son Noah grows, Abbey finds her calling and makes a home for herself.


Who stars in the Lifetime Christmas movie?

Meggan Kaiser as Abbey

Megan Kaiser is an American actress, author, and travel host based in Atlanta. The actress was raised in a small town of North Georgia and did an Honors International Business degree but later chose to give up her business aspirations and chose to ski in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. From there she gravitated towards acting and mode to Los Angeles and explored writing as well. From Los Angeles she moved to  Santa Fe then Portland is currently operated from Atlanta. The actress has the traveling bug and has traveled and worked in over 30 countries. Her works include 'My Christmas Wish', 'Mermaid Down', and 'Farm to Fork Love'. She will essay the role of Abbey in Lifetime's ' 'Rebuilding a Dream Christmas'.



The rest of the cast includes Zane Stephens as Josh and Bryson JonSteele as Noah.


'Rebuilding a Dream Christmas' is produced by American Cinema Inspires with George Shamieh executive producing. Sandra L Martin directs from a script by Amy Bircher, DFW Buckingham and Robert Tiffe.



So far no trailer has been made available, but don't forget to catch the flick!

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