'Saved by the Bell' cast reunites to celebrate "30+ years of friendship"

The cast definitely seems to love each other's company and they still seem to have chemistry... so, when can we expect an actual 'Saved by the Bell' reboot?

                            'Saved by the Bell' cast reunites to celebrate "30+ years of friendship"

It's been 30 years since the very first time we watched Zack Morris, Kelly Kapowski, Screech Powers, AC Slater, Jessie Spano, and Lisa Turtle maneuver their way through high school, and fortunately for our teenage selves, the actors who immortalized these characters on screen are still BFFs. Oftentimes we get disappointed over stories about TV best friends' less than ideal relationship off screen, but thankfully in the case of 'Saved By the Bell,'  we can rest assured its a hunky dory world of friendship and rainbows even after 30 years. 

In fact, the cast of the NBC show has the photo to prove it. On Saturday, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Mario Lopez, Tiffani Thiessen, and Elizabeth Berkley reunited for a cozy dinner along with their significant others at a French restaurant Petit Trois in Sherman Oaks in California. While 45-year-old Lopez captioned the photo “Friends forever…,” Gosselaar, who portrayed the protagonist Zack on the show captioned the same photo on his Instagram page, "This is what 30+ years of friendship looks like..."




Others also posted variations of the same captions, with Berkley writing, "FRIENDS FOREVER #spousestoo!!!❤️❤️❤️#imsoexcited#buddybands #love #friends #family#life #magic" and Thiessen repeating Lopez's "Friends forever..." Lopez also shared a video from the night, in which he claimed, “Fun dinner tonight with some old friends,” adding, “We ate an obscene amount of food. Great group right here, now it’s time to play credit card roulette for the bill.”

The one person noticeably, but unsurprising absent from the night was Dustin Diamond, who played Screech on the show. He was ordered to stand trial in 2015 for weapon offenses.

This, however, is not the first time the long-time friends have reunited in the name of the show that brought them into each others lives. In 2015, Jimmy Fallon orchestrated a 'Saved by the Bell' reunion of sorts, wherein Fallon goes on a flashback trip to his high school days, into the hallways that we are all too familiar with. One by one we were re-introduced to all the characters, including the beloved principal Mr. Belding who stops by to deliver the iconic, “Hey, hey, hey, what is going on here?”

The cast definitely seems to love each other's company and if Fallon's skit proved anything, its that they still have chemistry... So, what exactly are we waiting for? Could we talk about a reunion or what? Even '90210' is working on one, and if that doesn't give NBC the push to make it happen, we don't know what will.