‘Rebelión de los Godinez’: Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about Netflix's Mexican comedy

‘Rebelión de los Godinez’: Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about Netflix's Mexican comedy
'Rebelión de los Godínez' (IMDb)

There have been hundreds of movies and takes on the classic 9-5 office life and quirky adventures of the modern-day working professional. But a fresh perspective to the tried and tested formula is always more than welcome. The upcoming Mexican movie ‘Rebelión de los Godinez’ aims to give you an insight into the tech employees in present-day Mexico City through a comedic lens.

Release Date

‘Rebelión de los Godinez’/ 'Mutiny of the Worker Bees' releases on May 20, only on Netflix.


Omar Buendía is a super-smart guy, who graduated with flying colors and the best average from his school and now is expected to do great things in life. But then Omar's grandfather lands him a job in a tech company in Mexico City, and nothing remains the same for him anymore. He meets a strange set of people at his workplace and much more, driving him into a wild ride of office life!


The comedy-drama movie features Gustavo Egelhaaf, Alejandro Suárez, Bárbara de Regil in the leading roles.

Gustavo Egelhaaf stars in Rebelion de los Godinez (IMDb)

Gustavo Egelhaaf is a Mexican actor who plays the main protagonist, Omar. He is known for his performances in ‘4 Moons’ (2014), ‘El Chema’ (2016) and ‘Perseguidos’ (2016).

Alejandro Suárez is a veteran Mexican actor who plays the role of Omar’s grandfather. He is best known for his work in TV series, ‘My Heart Beats for Lola Volcán’ (2011), ‘Acapulco La vida va’ (2017) and ‘¡Persiguelas y... alcanzalas!’ (1969).

Bárbara de Regil is a Mexican actress and writer, who is known for TV series like ‘El Torito’ (2015) and ‘Rosario Tijeras’ (2016) and movies like ‘Tiempos Felices’ (2014)  and ‘Loca Por El Trabajo’ (2018).


‘Rebelión de los Godinez’ is directed by Carlos Morett who also co-writes the screenplay, along with writer Omar M. Albores.

Carlos Morett is a Mexican writer, producer, and director, known for his work on ‘Cyclops’, ‘Morphos’, and ‘Rebelion de los Godinez’.


Here’s the original Spanish trailer for the comedy-drama movie.


Netflix has not updated the official English trailer yet. Watch this space as we bring you the most updated information on the same.

Where to Watch

You can watch the hilarious comedy of Omar’s work life when the movie drops on Netflix on May 20.

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