'Rebelde' Review: MJ seems to be an anomaly as series ends on vague note

While the series archetypes are clear as day, MJ's character arc is pretty interesting

                            'Rebelde' Review: MJ seems to be an anomaly as series ends on vague note
Jeronimo Cantillo as Dixon Avalo and Andrea Chaparro as MJ in 'Rebelde' (Mayra Ortiz/Netflix)

Music, romance and teen drama — 'Rebelde' certainly packs all of the above. The series follows the members of 'The Nonames' who are first-year students but with vastly different backgrounds. Right off the bat, it's not hard to see the various archetypes.

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Jana (Azul Guaita Bracamontes) is a pop star with an established career who wants to be taken seriously as a musician. Luka (Franco Masini) comes off as the rich, spoilt brat who lives to spite his father. Esteban (Sergio Mayer Mori) doesn't come from a rich background like his peers, Dixon (Jeronimo Cantillo) is the tough guy, Andi (Lizeth Selene) is the calm, rational one, and then there is MJ (Andrea Chaparro), the bubbly personality.

While all of them are passionate about making music, each of them seems to harbor their secrets. Through the series, they all manage to resolve what they are going through — Luka makes meaningful friendships for the first time in his life, even though he backstabs them initially. Esteban discovers the truth about his mother and biological father who happens to be Marcelo Colucci, Luka's father, making them half-brothers. Andi and Emilia start as a secret relationship, and for a while, the two struggle as Emilia refuses to go public with it. However, she finally realizes that Andi is the one she wants to be with.


For Jana and Esteban, what started as a romance soon spiraled as Jana realizes that they have too many issues in their personal lives and decides to call things off. While these relationships are established earlier on, MJ seems to be the anomaly. While she flirts with Sebastian, she is also well aware that he nearly left her to drown and is inherently flawed. However, when it comes to finals, she leaves The Nonames to perform with him, leaving her relationship with Dixon, who expressed his feeling for her, hanging. This is exceptionally odd, seeing that she reciprocated it earlier on, but had a change of heart at the last minute. The series ends on a slightly vague note, as there is no telling if the band has a future together in the long run.

'Rebelde' premiered on January 5, 2022, on Netflix.

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