'Rebelde' Ending Explained: MJ leaves the Nonames as they expose the Lodge

The fate of the Nonames remains undecided, as breakups and conflicts change the band dynamics

                            'Rebelde' Ending Explained: MJ leaves the Nonames as they expose the Lodge
Jeronimo Cantillo as Dixon Avalos, Sergio Mayer Mori as Esteban Torres, Azul Guaita as Jana Cohen-Fernandez, Franco Masini as Luka Colucci, Selene as Andrea (Andi) Agosti in 'Rebelde' (Mayra Ortiz/NETFLIX)

If you missed out watching the original 'Rebelde' in 2004, now is a good time to catch the reboot. The 2022 version, which is streaming on Netflix, is: "A new version of Rebelde, the iconic young adult soap opera that returns to Elite way School, now EWS, the international boarding school that was the birthplace of the now legendary RBD. Now a new generation of students enrolls in the school with dreams of joining the prestigious music program and win the Battle of the Bands to become musical stars."

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Episode 8, titled 'The Grand Finale', sees The Nonames come back together and perform in the most unlikely manner. After being disqualified from the final performance, the group is determined to find a way to expose the Lodge. When Luka (Franco Masini) finally apologizes, it seems like they have a fighting chance, as Jana (Azul Guaita Bracamontes) and Esteban (Sergio Mayer Mori) return. They lure the Lodge and Sebastian (Alejandro Puente) by convincing them that Luka is still on their side and get video footage proving that he is the leader of the Lodge and that Anita has been the administrator of this chapter in the Lodge's history. With their cover blown, they take this information to principal Celina Ferrer. However, seeing that Sebastian is the son of the future president, her hands are tied when it comes to expelling him. Instead, Marcelo, Luka's father, who is a part of the board, suggests they remove Luka instead, to teach his son a lesson.


Meanwhile, MJ is having a crisis of her own, as her parents discover that she is not at a religious school and threaten to take her home. She argues that she needs to show them she is meant to be here and that her performance at the finals will do just that. She even shares a romantic moment with Dixon. However, she remains unsure of their plan and even Jana's return. When it comes to the day of the finals, the Nonames are allowed to perform except for Luca. Emilia, at this point, has had enough of Sebastian and kisses Andi on stage, making their relationship and her feelings public. As Sebastian heads out to perform alone, MJ shocks the crew as she runs ahead and joins him.

Later, the Nonames get on stage and expose not only the Lodge and Sebastian but also the school's board. They perform as Rebelde and Luka joins them on stage. However, the band's fate remains unknown, as Jana tells Esteban they should just be friends due to their own baggage. Plus, MJ seems to no longer be with the band and her relationship with Dixon remains unresolved.

'Rebelde' premiered on January 5, 2022, on Netflix.

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