'RHOP': Ashley confirms Michael Darby and she had an open marriage, fans ask 'y'all doing throuple thing?'

Ashley didn't appear to be disappointed when Candiace came to her with information about Michael allegedly claiming he had a boyfriend and wife

                            'RHOP': Ashley confirms Michael Darby and she had an open marriage, fans ask 'y'all doing throuple thing?'
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'The Real Housewives of Potomac' Season 5 is currently on air and for the past three weeks, the drama on the show has been all about Ashley and Michael Darby as information about the latter allegedly cheating and claiming to have a boyfriend and a wife surface.

Candiace Dillard was the one who received the text and while she's been known to stir drama in the past, she did approach this matter with utmost caution. She presented whatever information she received to Ashley in a private conversation. Both of them were still fighting with each other in the initial days of this season, a continuation of the drama that began in Season 4, however after the recent incident, they agreed to have come to a truce and discovered a newfound respect for each other.

However, Candiace couldn't resist asking Ashley how she remains this calm, and if she's been in such situations in her marriage in the past. Ashley confirmed that there was a time when she was pregnant with Dean and Michael had come home smelling like perfume and confessed to having visited the strip club. She also stays on top of the sleuthing game and checks texts, emails and also sniffs underwear. Ashley not going crazy when Candiace made the revelations to her led to a lot of fans thinking if she and Michael had an open marriage and a couple of them took to Twitter to discuss. "Now I'ma need for The Darby's to get it together. Is Ashley in on your relationships? Y'all doing the Throuple thing? #RealHousewives #RealHousewivesofPotomac #RHOP"



"I think Ashley is used to Michael being this way. They are in some kind of agreement they are used to doing things like this #RHOP," wrote another fan of the show.



"Here we go with the Australian ass grabber plotline yet AGAIN...I swear Ashley and Michael must have some kind of secret open relationship, otherwise I hope she can get out ASAP. That Gollum ass doesn’t deserve her #rhop," read another tweet.



The above fan theory was confirmed in a short preview clip that aired at the end of the recent episode during which Ashley was heard telling not just Candiace and Gizelle, but the entire 'RHOP' cast that she and Michael had been with other people in the past. The part where Michael opens up to Ashley about what really went down at the strip club/casino the other night has been teased for more than three weeks now and by the looks at the preview, it appears to finally air next week.

'Real Housewives of Potomac' airs Sundays at 9 pm on Bravo.

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