'RHOC' actress Lauri Peterson's son Josh Waring arrested for possession and sale of fentanyl

'RHOC' actress Lauri Peterson's son Josh Waring arrested for possession and sale of fentanyl
Lauri Peterson and her son, Josh Waring (dailymail-Instagram/lauri_peterson)

Josh Waring, the son of former 'Real Housewives of Orange County' star Lauri Peterson, is facing criminal accusations resulting from an arrest earlier this year, including felony possession and the distribution of fentanyl. The 33-year-old erstwhile reality star was detained in January for felony possession and criminal possession of methamphetamine.

According to TMZ, Waring, who was on parole for assault and has an extensive legal history, was recognized by an Orange County Sheriff's Department deputy from a previous narcotics arrest when an officer saw Josh in the passenger seat of a car. Knowing Waring's background, the officer did a random check of the vehicle and reportedly discovered "drugs right on Josh's lap." Josh was then observed by the deputy "brush the drugs onto the car's floorboard," which were later examined and confirmed as fentanyl and methamphetamine. The United States Drug Enforcement Agency classified fentanyl as a Schedule II-restricted narcotic similar to morphine but about 100 times more potent, noting that two milligrams (less than a grain of salt) of the synthetic opioid can be deadly based on a person's body size.


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Due to the amount of the dangerous substance found, he was arrested on the spot, transported to jail, and charged with fentanyl sales. Overdose deaths using synthetic opioids (mainly illicitly made fentanyl) increased 55.6 percent from January 2020 to 2021, according to the Centers for Disease Control, and appear to be the primary cause of the overall increase in drug overdose deaths. Waring was arrested in 2016 on suspicion of shooting a guy outside a sober living facility. He was imprisoned for four years awaiting trial and faced up to life in jail until reaching a plea agreement in March 2020.

Waring admitted to felony assault with a firearm, avoiding a peace officer, two counts of assault, hit-and-run with property damage, and battery. He was sentenced to seven years and four months in prison before being released on time served pending trial. Waring made waves in October 2019 after being cut many times by a fellow inmate. He was bleeding from many cuts on his face and chest caused by the inmate's razor blade.

Josh Waring was arrested in 2016 (FoxNews)

Waring alleged at the time that the correctional officials were at fault for the altercation and had set him up. He further stated that the prison officials were attempting to conceal their apparent carelessness. Shortly after his release, Waring filed a lawsuit against Orange County, California, and two OC Sheriff's deputies assigned to the men's jail in Santa Ana, saying they attempted to have him assassinated in revenge. According to TMZ, which received the incident's criminal report, a correctional officer stated that after the attack, Waring assured the guards that he knew they were not responsible.


Waring's attorney, Joel Garson, claimed to Fox News at the time that the guard was lying to cover up the fact that the assailant should not have been allowed out of his cell in the first place, according to jail rules. Waring was charged with three misdemeanors in June 2020, including possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and misrepresenting himself to authorities. Waring was captured over a year later, in May 2021, after authorities pulled up someone driving a stolen rental car in the Lake Forest region of Southern California. Waring, a passenger in the car, was charged with fentanyl, methamphetamine, and drug paraphernalia possession. He failed to appear in court on September 20, 2021, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

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