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'Real Girlfriends in Paris': Fans demand more 'reality tv dramaaa' as the series premiere fails to deliver

While viewers got a close peek at the first two episodes of 'Real Girlfriends in Paris,' fans claim the show is 'boring' and lacks 'drama'
A still from 'Real Girlfriends in Paris' Season premiere (Bravo)
A still from 'Real Girlfriends in Paris' Season premiere (Bravo)

PARIS, FRANCE: Bravo is one of the finest networks for making people forget about the rest of the world and realize that other people's lives are just as chaotic as their own. However, if the network stops bringing out that drama through its series, fans will surely drift away, as is the case with its most recent release, 'Real Girlfriends in Paris.'

There are several television shows on Bravo that appear to be staged. Not that fans are complaining; they still enjoy them and will continue to watch them. However, there are a number of reality programs on there that are beyond their prime and troublesome. They do not reflect the ever-changing television and global scene. However, it appears like Bravo is attempting to disrupt the status quo and establish a new terrain. With shows like 'Real Housewives of Dubai,' 'Southern Charm,' and 'Summer House,' the network has recognized a need for new faces and conflict.


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A still from 'Real Girlfriends in Paris' Season premiere (Bravo)
A still from 'Real Girlfriends in Paris' Season premiere (Bravo)

While viewers got a close peek at the first two episodes of 'Real Girlfriends in Paris,' Bravo did something unusual for its reality programming lineup, it made it feel real. While it has been billed as a "real life" "Emily in Paris," it is far from that. Except you know one of the actresses' name is Emily. Victoria Zito, Adja Toure, Margaux Lignel, Kacey Margo, Emily Gorelik, and Anya Firestone are real-life twenty-somethings who are having a good time in Paris. They are going through the ups and downs of life, love, and everything else.

The six ladies are as varied as can be, but that’s part of what makes it intriguing. One of the reasons Bravo fans tuned in to see the show. There are many beautiful sites in the world, but none are as lovely as Paris. Sure, we've all seen the tourist traps but who doesn't like the Eiffel Tower? The girls of 'Real Girlfriends in Paris,' on the other hand, showed the audience Paris, the real Paris. They showed viewers a different side of Paris and what it's like to live there. The 'Real Girlfriends in Paris' gals are candid. They engage in discussions that most people do not. The filter is nearly non-existent with these ladies, which adds to the pleasure. Viewers have the impression that these are their girlfriends. They have the impression that they are a part of a discourse. They consider these people to be their buddies.

So, what doesn't seem to be working for the fans? The DRAMA that is missing! Calling the show "boring", a viewer wrote, "This show is boring. There's no drama. I'm yawning. I need action. I'm not interested in seeing anyone find themselves. #RGIP." Offering a better alternative for the show, another viewer wrote, "Want to see Paris? Watch L’Agence or the Parisian Agency on @netflix. #RGIP is just sad. @bravo… who produced this?" Even though the show proves to be relatable for the viewers, fans still miss the drama that keeps them hooked, "I love how this show is so relatable, but I can see what people are saying...we need some of that reality tv dramaaa #RGIP." Failing to connect with the show upon its premiere, another Bravo reality tv fan wrote, "Not feeling it. #RGIP."





Calling out the cast for their constant sex talk, another Twitter user wrote, "These young women are, like, disgusting. Like, their most frequent topic of conversation is, like, who got laid and, like, when. They also, like, say like, far to often. Like, OMG! #RGIP." Sadly, the latest Bravo release made some fans jump boat, as one wrote, "Switching over to re-watch Emily in Paris. Not feeling this new show - #rgip Sorry @BravoTV." Not happy with OG shows getting canceled, a fan wrote, "So we lost Housewives of NYC and Dallas this year for a show like this? #RGIP." Failing to keep viewers hooked to the show, another tweet read, "gave up on #RGIP by the second commercial break."





'Real Girlfriends in Paris' airs on Bravo every Monday at 9 pm ET/PT.

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