'Ray Donovan' Season 7: Ray tries to fix himself for once, while his brothers turn a new leaf in their lives

Bunchy is looking for a fresh start, Terry is seeking solace in alternative medicine, and Daryll is searching for his place in the family.

                            'Ray Donovan' Season 7: Ray tries to fix himself for once, while his brothers turn a new leaf in their lives

After a long wait, Season 7 of 'Ray Donovan' is headed our way and with it, all our favorite characters as well. The upcoming season, which is scheduled to premiere on Sunday, November 17, promises to be all about redemption and rebirth, primarily for Ray (Liev Schreiber), who is continuing his therapy sessions with Dr Amiot (Alan Alda). This, however, would mean revisiting some old trauma and forgiving the people who have hurt him in the past, including his father Mickey (Jon Voight). 

The series is also going to hopefully bring some relief to Terry (Eddie Marsan), who has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease since we met him in Season 1. It turns out that there are forms of medicines he hasn't tried yet, and that is provided to him by Liberty. Portrayed by 'The Girlfriend Experience' star Louisa Krause, Liberty is described as an attractive healer, who brings her alternative medicine to Terry, and for the first time, he feels like he has a shot at getting better. 

Meanwhile, their troubled brother Bunchy (Dash Mihok), is hoping for a fresh start in his life. After a series of falling off the wagon and getting back on it and trusting his father one too many times, and being tortured by the demons from his past, Bunchy is looking for a fresh start and he hopes to find it with Ray by his side. In the upcoming Season 7, we will see him bunking in Ray’s apartment and working at a pharmacy, stocking their shelves.


Donovans' half-brother Daryll (Pooch Hall) also has some existential struggles this season, especially trying to figure out where he fits in the family. Even though the rest of his brothers knew about their black half-brother a decade before Ray did, he has come around to liking him. Moreover, Terry has been coaching him in boxing, and yet he has always felt out of place in the family, and he wants that to change. 

In the trailer for Season 7, we saw him making this much clear to Bunchy, to which he responds, "I don't know why you want to be anything like us." He does have a point, but we definitely hope Daryll feels better about being a part of the Donovan clan when Season 7 of 'Ray Donovan' returns with 'Faith. Hope. Love. Luck.' on Sunday, November 17.

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