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Alleged serial rapist Bowen Turner is arrested for disordely conduct while on probation

Bowen Turner, 19, was arrested in Orangeburg after being found intoxicated on the street while on probation
UPDATED MAY 10, 2022
Bowen Turner is presently on probation for five years for assault and violence (Bamberg County Detention Center)
Bowen Turner is presently on probation for five years for assault and violence (Bamberg County Detention Center)

Bowen Turner, the alleged serial adolescent rapist, has been arrested for the second time, this time for disorderly conduct after being seen wandering around his hometown of South Carolina while on probation. On Sunday, May 8, at 11:44 pm, the 19-year-old was arrested and booked into Orangeburg County Jail but was freed after posting $257 in bond.

According to sheriff's department sources, he was discovered stumbling along the middle of the roadway, smelling of alcohol. He has yet to be assigned a court date. Recently Bowen's family has been in the headlines for harassing the parents of a girl who had reported him of sexual assault and later died by suicide, requesting that they stop talking about her death in public because it was 'damaging his brilliant future.' For assault and battery, Bowen is presently serving a five-year probation term. He accepted the term as part of a plea agreement in April to avoid going to trial for sexually abusing Chloe Bess


'It's dampening his bright future': Bowen Turner's family wants Dallas Stoller's parents to STOP talking about case

Why were prior charges against Bowen Turner dropped? Alleged serial rapist gets only 5 years probation

Bowen has been accused of rape by three different girls. The first girl's lawsuit was dismissed, and because both were minors at the time, the specifics were never made public. Dallas Stoller was the second girl. Bowen allegedly raped her at a party in 2018. In 2019, he was arrested for the assault but was released on bail pending a court appearance. Dallas passed away before her case went to trial. Prosecutors dismissed the accusations against him after she died. Her family claims they were informed the lawsuit wouldn't be worth pursuing if she didn't testify. Bowen, whose father Walt used to work for the DA, was offered a plea agreement in April that reduced the charge of sexual assault to assault and battery. The victim's family was furious when he was handed a shorter probationary term.

The Dallas family has now requested a permanent restraining order from the court. Bowen allegedly received preferential treatment because he was represented by State Senator Brad Hutto and his father who works in the small town's legal system, according to them and the Bess family. Dallas' older sister Brette Tabatabai told, "It's the Good Ole' Boys system... it's all power, politics and privilege." 

Her father Karl Stoller added: "Turner’s family are obviously well connected. They’re in the country club area, we live on a farm." 

At the time of the alleged rape in October 2018, Dallas and Bowen were friends. He was detained in January 2019 and released on bail. He assaulted Chloe Bess, a 16-year-old, later that year at a party in the same town. After she reported him, he was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault. Dallas' family is pushing for the case to be reopened. They argue that the extra evidence, which includes photographs of her injuries, rape kit findings, her sworn testimony before she died, and DNA from the garments she was wearing, should be enough to put the case to trial.