'It's dampening his bright future': Bowen Turner's family wants Dallas Stoller's parents to STOP talking about case

'It's dampening his bright future': Bowen Turner's family wants Dallas Stoller's parents to STOP talking about case
Dallas Stoller(L) died by suicide in November 2021. Her family claims she was persistently abused when she reported Bowen Turner (R) for rape in 2018(book/FaceBamberg County Detention Centre)

The family and friends of suspected South Carolina juvenile serial rapist Bowen Turner harassed the parents of one of the girls he allegedly abused, ordering them to stop speaking to the media about her death because it's "dampening his bright future."

Turner, 19, was sentenced to probation only after pleading guilty to assault and battery rather than rape last month. He was accused of assaulting Chloe Bess, 16, at a home party in Orangeburg, South Carolina, in June 2019. It was the third time he'd been charged with rape; the first time, the case had been dropped. In the second instance, the claimed victim, Dallas Stoller, died by suicide before the matter could be heard in court. Dallas' grieving family and Chloe Bess' parents have both spoken out against the light sentence he received in the previous month. They are also attempting to revive Dallas' case, which was dismissed after she died because prosecutors stated she couldn't be there to testify against him.  Michelle Stoller, Dallas' mother, received a phone call from an unknown number on April 13. The caller identified himself as Adam and stated that he was calling on behalf of Bowen Turner.


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"They said Bowen was sorry for what he had done but could we stop speaking to the media because he had an extremely bright future and all of this was dampening it. Saying that to parents who have just buried their daughters...what about Dallas' future? She doesn't have one because of him. It’s deeply inappropriate. As if it wasn’t enough with Dallas, the bullying is just continuing," Dallas' older sister Brette Tabatabai stated.

Dallas' father, Karl Stoller, received two missed calls on his cell phone three days later, on April 16. The caller ID listed the number as that of Bowen's mother, Jennifer Turner. He didn't pick up on either of the calls. "I chose not to answer the call. I didn’t have anything to say and I didn’t need to hear about problems we were causing for Bowen, I didn’t feel like it was appropriate… I felt anger and surprise but then you’re appalled. I don’t care about his bright future in light of what happened to my daughter. It’s surprising and appalling," Mr Stoller, a part-time sheriff's deputy, said, reported DailyMail.com.

The family has now petitioned a court for a permanent restraining order. They and the Bess family claim Bowen received preferential treatment because he was represented by State Senator Brad Hutto and because his father works in the small town's judicial system. "It's the Good Ole' Boys system... it's all power, politics and privilege," Brette said to Mail.com.

Her father added: "Turner’s family are obviously well connected. They’re in the country club area, we live on a farm." Dallas and Bowen were friends at the time of the alleged rape in October 2018. In January 2019, he was arrested and freed on bail. Later that year, during a party in the same town, he assaulted Chloe Bess, a 16-year-old. He was detained on suspicion of sexual assault after she reported him. Dallas' family is advocating for the reopening of the case. They claim that the additional evidence, which includes images of her injuries, the findings of a rape kit, her sworn testimony before she died, and DNA from the clothes she was wearing, should be sufficient to bring the case to trial.

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