'Ramy' Season 2: Mahershala Ali's brilliant acting chops have fans saying he deserves an Emmy

The addition of Mahershala Ali to the cast was a brilliant move because together, Ramy Youssef and Ali form the perfect yin and yang for the second season

                            'Ramy' Season 2: Mahershala Ali's brilliant acting chops have fans saying he deserves an Emmy

Spoilers for 'Ramy'  Season 2

In the second season of 'Ramy', the titular character, Ramy Hassan (played by series co-creator Ramy Youssef) turns to faith after trying to turn away from all the things he knows are making him unhappy. In doing so, Ramy turns to faith and the new Sufi Muslim center run by Sheikh Ali Malik (Mahershala Ali), a calm, pious man who tries his best to help Ramy out. With a character like Ramy, it's easy to get frustrated, but Sheikh Ali tries his best to be the guide that Ramy needs.

The addition of Mahershala to the cast was a brilliant move by the producers. We don't think anyone else could have pulled that role off with perfection. The two-time Academy Award winner masterfully brings a gravity to the series while playing into the humor spun from Ramy’s various misadventures. He's the discipline to Ramy's impulse, the peace to Ramy's conflict. Together, they form the perfect yin and yang for the second season.

Many fans felt the same. A fan wrote, "Mahershala Ali better get his well deserved Emmy for Ramy," while another tweeted, "Let's talk about that #RamySeason2... it was great!! still funny and relatable AF. oh and Mahershala Ali was a great addition!! #Ramy." A viewer opined, "Ramy is brilliant and so important. I’ve never felt more seen, in both small and big ways, by anything in American pop culture. also, Mahershala Ali! damn." Another wrote, "What an episode. Definitely the best ones yet of the season. The ending conversation between Sheikh Ali and Ramy was also top-notch acting. Mahershala Ali has great acting chops."

One fan tweeted, "Mahershala Ali in Ramy is doing so much good for my soul right now," while another wrote, "Mahershala Ali as the Sheikh is so good! The expression on his face when Ramy’s confessing about how he slept with a married woman during Ramadan is hilarious and on point. I’m so glad he’s in this." A viewer said, "Mahershala Ali is such a good actor. Seeing him on Ramy being so pious and cryptic is a really fun and enjoyable contrast in comparison to how funny the show can be," while another opined, "Mahershala Ali is incredible as Sheikh Ali in Season 2 of Ramy. I’m just coming off watching him on True Detective when I was doing the Ray Fisher podcast research. Truly, a remarkable actor."

'Ramy' Season 2 is now streaming on Hulu.

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