Who is Rachel Zoe's husband? Fashion icon and investment banker Rodger Berman's son survives fall from ski lift

Zoe and Berman's relationship is made of dollops of the duo being a 'tag-team', but while she adores her 'pack mule' husband, he loves being in her world of fashion

                            Who is Rachel Zoe's husband? Fashion icon and investment banker Rodger Berman's son survives fall from ski lift
Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman (Getty Images)

Fashion designer Rachel Zoe has been in the news ever since she took to Instagram to open up about the harrowing incident that their family recently encountered when her nine-year-old son Skyler fell from a ski lift, 40 ft up in the air. Skyler is doing fine and well, and Zoe confirmed with photos of him in an emergency room, resting, but despite her fashion prowess, that she has not one, but two children might come as a shock to many.

And this brings us to the next obvious question? Who is Rachel Zoe's baby daddy, aka husband Roger Berman? “So I don’t typically share like this but I’m posting this to remind everyone how fragile life is and how it can turn in a minute…," shared Zoe along with the photo of her son on her Instagram stories.

She added: "This is Sky yesterday in the ER and I will share what happened when I feel more ready. The outcome is Sky is doing great and the bravest boy I’ve ever known, but @rbermanus and I are shattered and numb but woke up today with gratitude for a miracle that Sky is safe and OK.”

The tagged "rbermanus" happens to be Zoe's husband of 24 years, investment banker Roger Berman, whom she reportedly met in 1991 when the two were attending college in Washington DC. The couple went on to marry in 1998 and have two sons — Skyler Morrison Berman born in March 2011 and Kaius Jagger Berman born in December 2013.

The 51-year-old designer and her husband had made headlines earlier this year in May when they were spotted enjoying a romantic ride on a vintage Porsche Roadster 356. Their lavish life and high spirits were on full display as they drove around Los Angeles in the $200,000 vehicle.

Rodger Berman, Kaius Jagger Berman, Skyler Morrison Berman and Rachel Zoe attend OCRFA's 20th Annual Super Saturday (Getty Images)

Zoe and Berman's relationship is made of dollops of the duo being a "tag-team", but according to her, Berman is a "pack mule" when it comes to holding items which he can do more than any man can. Opening up to Harper's Bazaar in 2011, Berman had spilled what being married to the super stylist is really like. "I met Rachel in the summer of 1991. She was 19, and I was 22. She was a restaurant hostess, and I was working as a waiter in Washington, DC, where we both attended college."

"I vividly remember the first time I saw her, wearing a tight black minidress, high-heeled pumps, stick-straight hair, and big red lips covered in MAC Chili lipstick (her trademark). She was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. I quickly learned that she also had more clothes than any woman I had ever seen. I often wondered if she'd ever do an outfit change mid-date," he recalled about seeing his current wife for the first time. 

Berman also opened up in the article about how being with Zoe had influenced him or the year. The story, written shortly bore the birth of their first child Skyler, reveals Berman says, "Thanks to Rachel I can't leave the house without worrying about whether or not my clothes match. And that's fine by me. For a heterosexual man—I know that's a hotly debated topic, but only among those who don't know me—I have grown to really appreciate fashion."

"My favorite fashion shows are Michael Kors, Diane von Furstenberg, and Oscar de la Renta because they always offer up beautiful clothes that I can actually imagine Rachel and her clients wearing," he added.

At the time, Berman had described being so smitten with their lie that we would pick it over "sitting at home with a Netflix movie while I wait for Chinese food. At least, until baby Berman gets here." The only problem he's even faced with being married to Zoe? "Don't get me wrong: I love Rachel's 'gaggle of gays' but if I have to hear about how great everyone looks one more time ... (Unless, of course, they are telling me how good I look, in which case I am secretly happy.)" he wrote.

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