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Quordle 190, August 2, 2022: Check out answers and hints for today's game

Quordle 190 is available now. Here are all the hints and solutions for the puzzle released today
 Here are our hints and answers for the words released on August 2, 2022 (
Here are our hints and answers for the words released on August 2, 2022 (

Quordle has been on the internet for over six months now and its popularity has grown enormously. The tricky game puts your mind skills to the test by making you guess four five-letter words. Players are required to guess the four five-letter words in nine attempts. The level of the Quordle can get difficult on some days.

Have you managed to crack the words? Or you're tired of making attempts to get the right words? So, we are here with the hints and answers to daily Quordle to help you get the right words and maintain your win streak. Before I get on to the answers and hints let's first have a look at the tricks and tips to crack the tricky puzzle.


Today's Quordle 189 August 1, 2022: Check out the answers and hints

Quordle 187 July 30, 2022, Answers: Here are the hints and clues for today’s puzzle

Aim for vowels. Choose a starting word with lots of vowels like ADIEU, OUIJA, or AUDIO.

Begin with the grid with the fewest letters. This method increases your chances of discovering a new letter.

Keep an eye on the attempts you have and practice as much as you can. Quordle has an unlimited practice mode. So, you can give some time for practicing before you jump onto the daily game.

Quordle #190 hints for August 2, 2022

Hint 1: Word 1 begins with R, 2 with F, 3 with an O, and 4 with a K.

Hint 2: Word 1 ends with T, 2 with T, 3 with a T and 4 with a K

Hint 3: Word 1 is an uncommon word, so you might find it difficult to guess. However, the word means to repair or replace.

Hint 4: The word means to feel dizzy or weak. It also means something which is indistinct or vague.

Hint 5: This word is not very difficult to guess. The word refers to something which is done or shown openly. Both words end with T.

Hint 6: The word is an example of a palindrome, meaning it will spell the same forwards and backward. It refers to a canoe or a narrow boat.

Have you managed to guess the right words? If now, don't worry, we have got you the answers. Scroll down to know the answers to the puzzle.

SPOILER ALERT: Only read further if the above hints don't help you and you want to know the answers. The answers for Quordle 190, August 2, 2022, are:


Here you go! We have provided you with all the hints and answers for today's game. You can play the game on Quordle's website. See you tomorrow with another new game.