'Queer Eye' fans call Season 5 an 'oasis in this dumpster fire' and deem it necessary for mental health

'Queer Eye' fans call Season 5 an 'oasis in this dumpster fire' and deem it necessary for mental health
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The new season of 'Queer Eye' dropped on Netflix on Friday, June 5. The new installment brought to the fore the stories of a couple of Philadelphia heroes, one involving a gay pastor looking to be a good leader for his congregation and the church at large and a Generation Z environmental activist who stopped taking care of herself because of the thought that exploring her femininity might affect her work towards bettering the environment. It also told the story of a divorced dad who didn't know what to do with his life after his daughter was scheduled to move out soon after marriage and even chronicled the life of a mother who had centered her entire life around wanting to be "needed" by her family and taking care of her sick husband.  

Helping all these "heroes" navigate their problems and learn to live themselves are the Fab Five. Comprising of Antoni Porowski (armed with the task of helping these people connect to their loved ones and to their own self with food), Tan France (helping them pick clothes reflective of their personality and boosting their confidence), Bobby Berk (giving their houses a makeover and making it a safe and comforting space), Jonathan Van Ness (in charge of giving the heroes a physical makeover) and Karamo Brown (responsible for identifying any past or present situations that are a cause of hurt to them and finding solutions), the Fab Five take their job very seriously and their expert therappy makes for very emotional and heart touching television moments with their advice also helping viewers who are in the same situation as someone appearing on the show. 

"Thank god for discovering season 5 of @QueerEye on Netflix. A little oasis of joy in this dumpster fire" wrote a fan on Twitter after the premiere of Season 5. 

While another tweeted, "As a part of your much-deserved-and-necessary mental health care, please watch the new season of @QueerEye on @netflix".

"Just finished Queer Eye season 5. So many beautiful people feature this season! Watching self-improvement and growth is so inspiring. No shame in changing yourself and also getting outside help. I love this show," wrote another fan. 

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