'Queer Eye' Season 5: Gen Z activist Abigail Leedy learns to find time for herself while fighting to save Earth

Abigail was nominated for the show by her mother who was worried that her daughter stressed a lot and didn't take out enough time to unwind

                            'Queer Eye' Season 5: Gen Z activist Abigail Leedy learns to find time for herself while fighting to save Earth

The focus of Episode 5 was Abigail Leedy, an 18-year-old, Generation Z activist striving to gather support from the community, in order to take control and save the environment. A recent high school graduate, Abigail, lovingly known as Abby had taken a gap year and is working full time for the youth-led Sunrise movement that's fighting to stop climate change and create millions of jobs in the process. Abigail was nominated to the show, for a makeover by her mother Yvonne who is concerned that her daughter is not taking out enough time for herself and is perpetually stressed. After doing a little more reading up on her story, the Fab Five set out to "help Abby know her worth and help the Earth". 

Abby lives in a home that she shares with 15-20 activists who live and work together. Abby's roommate Grace was really worried that the former might burn out soon because she's immersed herself into work way too much. According to Grace, the 'social time' out of Abby's - " work, sleep, social time" mantra checked out long ago and she stopped going out altogether and ended up working way too much. Abby also admitted to not taking out time for socializing as a conscious decision because she would always end up having anxious thoughts about missing out on the work that she could get done in all that time. 

Later on, Abby admitted to Tan France that people don't usually take women seriously and it's hard to be a young woman. She further mentioned that this is one of the reasons why she does not really take out the time to make herself look pretty. It took a lot of coaxing from France who explained to her that to feel empowered one also has to dress appropriately. Armed with a new wardrobe, a better haircut along with a freshly renovated house that was done using sustainable materials, Abby agreed that she was "ready to tell some fossil fuel CEOs where go".

She was ready to jump back into her life in a more healthier and productive way with the "I am enough and I have enough time" mantra. 

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