‘Queen Sono’ Preview: Netflix’s first South African original could be next most bingeworthy show of the network

‘Queen Sono’ Preview: Netflix’s first South African original could be next most bingeworthy show of the network

Netflix is leaving no stone unturned in exploring far and wide and creating original regional content. Truth be told, we have been pleasantly surprised at the incredible movies and shows coming out from Europe, Asia, and South America, and which are giving us an insight into their culture, art, and people. Now, joining that regional lineup is the streaming service’s first ever South African original, ‘Queen Sono’.

In a high-octane trailer, the show runs you through the main characters, with focus on the eponymous female lead and that’s when you see it - colorful, speedy, and the culturally rich canvas of South Africa, quite contradictory to what most people know of that nation or even the continent for that matter.

As reported by the network, the production involves a joyride through some of the most exotic locales of Africa, giving you a virtual tour of 37 locations across the contitent including Zanzibar, Kenya, Kenya, Tanzania, and of course, prominent locales in South Africa.

Trailer shot from 'Queen Sono'. (Netflix)


Moving away from the visual delight of it, the preview also promises an exciting ride through the underground operatives of the South African government, helmed by Queen, who is a “fierce, defiant, and deadly” agent of the Special Operations Group (SOG). Quite like a spy thriller, the plot follows Queen’s mission to dig up dark secrets of the president, corrupt politicians, and international lobbies who don’t miss any opportunity to exploit them.

Next, as the trailer walks you through more characters, you realize that there is a huge untapped potential in South Africa's entertainment industry that the world has not had a chance to see. Some of the actors on 'Queen Sono' are popular faces of the African nation's television and movies and are stars in their own rights. It's time the rest of the world sees the creative genius the country has in acting, content, and production. 

Pearl Thusi - Queen Sono (Netflix)


And last, but not the least, you cannot but notice our female lead, Agent Queen, played by Pearl Thusi. The South African actor is known for role in the hit American series, ‘Quantico’, ‘The Scorpion King: Book of Souls’ and other South African productions.

You might think that ‘Queen Sono’ would be akin to her earlier action-driven roles but no, there’s much more to Queen than what meets the eye! She is a rebel in her own definition and yet she has a vulnerable side, which she couches within her rough and tough exterior. She fights like a machine but doesn’t shy from shedding a tear or two when fighting her demons. Thusi is going to be the star of the show, as we can gauge from the preview.

With our hopes at its best and anticipation riding high, we wait for the next best presentation from the other side of the globe. Based on what we already know, we have a feeling it is going to be an experience of a kind making you want to binge watch over the coming weekend!


‘Queen Sono’ will drop on Netflix and will be available in 190 countries on February 28, 2020.

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