Queen likely to make Windsor Castle permanent home to be close to Prince Philip's resting place: Sources

Queen likely to make Windsor Castle permanent home to be close to Prince Philip's resting place: Sources
Queen Elizabeth II may permanently move to Windsor Castle to live close to where Prince Philip will be buried (Getty Images)

Queen Elizabeth II is likely to stay permanently at Windsor Palace to be close to where her husband Prince Philip, who died on Friday, April 9, will be buried. Reports have said that the 950-year-old Royal fortress at Windsor will likely be more of a home to the monarch, who has said to insiders that she is now “most comfortable” living there. 

According to Express, with the help of her aides, the Queen has been eventually diminishing her workload. Also, even before her move to Windsor from Buckingham Palace in March 2020 along with her husband to spend her time there amid the coronavirus pandemic, she was working from weekends to half the week at the castle. It has been said that the Queen will remain at Windsor for the foreseeable future. The 94-year-old Queen, who will be 95 soon, is only expected to be back in Buckingham Palace for official engagements when the two-week period of royal mourning ends on April 22.


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However, as per some of her aides, the Queen along with her senior advisers will gradually go back to Buckingham Palace, hosting events there once Covid-19 restrictions are dropped. An aide of her noted, “Buckingham Palace will continue to be her primary place of work.” However, palace officials have given no word on which place the monarch will make her primary home.


People view the floral tributes to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh who died at age 99 at Buckingham Palace on April 13, 2021 in London, England (Getty Images)

Meanwhile, regarding Prince Philip’s remains, reports have stated that the oldest member of the royal family will be buried in the royal vault beneath the St George’s Chapel in Windsor. After the Queen’s death, the couple's bodies will be placed next to each other in the George VI Memorial Chapel, where the remains of her parents and her sister are kept.

Members of the public have been asked to watch the royal funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh on their television sets since the coronavirus is still going strong. Besides, people have been urged to do charity donations instead of floral tributes. A senior Royal aide stated, “The best place to watch the funeral is on television.”


Queen Elizabeth II sits with Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh as she delivers her speech during the State Opening of Parliament in the House of Lords at the Palace of Westminster on June 4, 2014 in London, England (Getty Images)

While half of the Internet is mourning the death of Philip, there is another half that is not missing any chance to mock his alleged countless instances of racism. The British-born comedian John Oliver is the latter section of people who made fun of Philip and the queen’s third cousin relationship, branding it as “Giuliani meet-cute”.

Addressing the death of the Duke, Oliver said on his show, “In the UK, Prince Philip died, which is a tragedy if you don’t know a single thing about him. And even if you know a little bit about him, you might not know this.” Then footage of a Sky News chat with a British Pundit was shown that saw the outlet asking the pundit how the royal couple met, to which the pundit replied: “Well, they were related.” Oliver then went on to say, “Yeah, it’s true. Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth are cousins, who later got married — also known as a Giuliani meet-cute.”


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