John Oliver mocks Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth's third cousin relationship, calls it 'Giuliani meet-cute'

The British born comedian couldn't resist commenting on Queen Elizabeth marriage with her husband of 73 years, the late Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip

                            John Oliver mocks Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth's third cousin relationship, calls it 'Giuliani meet-cute'
Comedian John Oliver couldn't keep from commenting on how Queen Elizabeth met her husband Prince Philip (Getty Images)

In the wake of Prince Philip's death on Friday, April 9, 2021, the internet has exploded into a frenzy – with one half mourning the passing of the Queen's consort, and the other half slamming his alleged countless instances of racism. With the internet pouring in with articles about the late Duke of Edinburgh's many gaffes and slip-ups, it wasn't long before comedian John Oliver decided to joke about the late monarch. His line of mocking the royals was by bringing up their "Giuliani meet-cute" aka the third-cousin relationship between Prince Philip and his wife, Queen Elizabeth II.

The British-born Oliver addressed the Duke's passing saying, “In the UK, Prince Philip died, which is a tragedy if you don’t know a single thing about him." He then continued: "And even if you know a little bit about him, you might not know this.” Cutting to a clip of a Sky News chat with a British Pundit, audiences saw the outlet ask the pundit how the royal couple, who were married for 73 years, met. The pundit then answers, “Well, they were related.”


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Oliver then added: "Yeah, it’s true. Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth are cousins, who later got married — also known as a Giuliani meet cute." The couple are indeed third cousins and both great-great-grandchildren of Queen Victoria. But social media seems to be having more fun with this than Oliver did on his show. "love how all these queen elizabeth and prince philip love stories have to start out with “they were cousins” gjdjsja maybe we shouldn’t write their marriage as a love story when they’re literally related on both sides," tweeted a user. Another shocked user remarked, "wait... I didn’t know yall were serious that prince philip and queen elizabeth were really actually cousins?!!?? As in related... as in INC*ST. That’s sick as f*ck".

Others dug deep into the royal family for more instances of cousins marrying each other, and a user shared, "If Twitter is shocked to find out that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are related, wait till they find out that Queen Victoria, their great great grandma married her first cousin. Her descendants have hemophilia as a result of the incest."  Others were less shocked to find this out and explained how "literally every European Royal is related to each other because Albert and Victoria married their children off for dynastic reasons." Some also justified the relationship noting "Queen Elizabeth and Philip weren’t distant cousins. They were third cousins, which means they share great-great grandparents. It isn’t that close of a relationship. They are both related to Queen Victoria."






Buckingham Palace announced Prince Philip's death in the early hours of Friday, April 9, 2021. The Duke of Edinburgh was 99 at the time of his passing, and was surrounded by his beloved 'Lilibet', who had insisted he not be taken back to the hospital despite his condition allegedly worsening from Thursday night. The Duke's televised funeral was held on Sunday, April 11, during which the public was respectfully asked to not attend, given Covid-19 regulations.