Mid-air scare for Queen Consort Camilla after plane suffering damage when bird struck it

Mid-air scare for Queen Consort Camilla after plane suffering damage when bird struck it
Queen Consort Camilla had a scary moment when her plane was hit by a bird en route to London (Eddie Mulholland - WPA Pool/Getty Images, @fl360aero/Twitter)

LONDON, UK: While returning to the UK from India, Queen Consort Camilla had an unexpected scare when her plane was hit by a bird during the flight. As per reports, the British Airways Boeing 777-200ER aircraft (G-YMMJ) believed to have the Queen Consort onboard, while traveling from Bangalore, India to London on Friday, October 28 was hit, with pictures posted on Twitter showing a large indent on the nose.

Many may find this surprising, but with decades of flying all around the world to perform her royal duties, the Queen Consort is still said to be fearful of flying. In one instance she allegedly sat on the steps of a tiny private jet while on her overseas visit and refused to get inside. She had been seen in the past squeezing her husband King Charles’s hand when the plane usually takes off. Interestingly, Charles himself is a pilot and has deep sympathy for her flying phobia. However, at one instance he couldn’t take it and cried, “Darling, please don’t hold me so hard!” The wife of the newly appointed King Charles was on a visit to India to spend quality time at a holistic health center near Bangalore, reported People.



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Camilla, Queen Consort and some of her friends reportedly took a wellness therapy near Bangalore, India. She had previously visited Soukya, the holistic health center in Bangalore, she was staying at, and even planned a visit for King Charles on his 71st birthday, along with their actress friend Emma Thompson. The wellness center offers meditation, homeopathy, yoga, therapy, and an ancient traditional system of world-known Ayurveda, headed by Dr Isaac Mathai.

Moreover, the residential medical institute proudly claims itself as the world’s first integrative health destination and aims at "healing, prevention or rejuvenation," as per their official website. The 75-year-old's visit to India has come after a grueling two months, as she became Queen Consort with Queen Elizabeth II’s demise on September 8.

This was followed by King Charles becoming the King at age 73. The royal family with the UK and the world mourned the death of the Queen, which was followed by her state funeral on September 19. This was followed by another week of royal mourning which King Charles and Camilla mostly spent in Scotland with no external interference.

As per Daily Mail, a spokesperson for the British Airways said, "The aircraft landed safely and customers disembarked as normal." The airline is anticipated to resume regular operations shortly after undergoing inspection.


The Civil Aviation Authority reports that there were 8,011 confirmed bird strikes in UK airspace between 2012 and 2016.

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