'Proven Innocent' Season 1: Who killed Rosemary Lynch? Here are some wild guesses based on the pilot

The pilot gave us plenty of characters to guess from with regards to who killed Rosemary Lynch, but here's where Instagram has come into play, leaving clues on who did it

                            'Proven Innocent' Season 1: Who killed Rosemary Lynch? Here are some wild guesses based on the pilot

'Proven Innocent,' had a pulsating start as the premiere kicked off February 15 with Madeline Scott (Rachelle Lefevre) already kicking the a**es of corrupt lawyers, mainly and namely Gore Bellows (Kelsey Grammer). The reason being, he was the prosecutor who falsely convicted Madeline Scott and her brother Levi Scott for the murder of Madeline's best friend, Rosemary Lynch.

Ten years after being proven innocent, the fierce lawyer is taking Rosemary's case while fighting for those who are falsely convicted and is on a steady mission to expose Bellows before he secures the seat of State Attorney General.

In order for Madeline to succeed in her mission, she not only has to prove Gore Bellows guilty but also find Rosemary's killer. "The real murderer is still out there," Madeline stated in the pilot episode, but the main question is who?

The Instagram handle of Fox's 'Proven Innocent,' has already started giving clues to the viewers by sharing Madeline's very own link chart on her wall, and the latest person to be added a suspect is none other than her brother Levi.

Here are the possible killers of Rosemary Lynch.

Levi Scott


In a heartbreaking final scene of the pilot episode, Madeline was forced to pin up her brother's name on the suspect list despite being proven innocent, along with her. Not only was Levi the person to be found soaked with Rosemary's blood, but Madeline just found out he was in a relationship with her and he never disclosed that for all these years, except on the night he got fired from his job since he has failed to get his life sorted, unlike his sister, after being proven innocent.



The first one to have our suspicion, Heather is sheer spiteful of Levi and Madeline, and brings up the murder case more than it's necessary. Madeline's encounter with Heather on the lift sealed the deal that she could possibly be the murderer as Madeline points out that Heather was the "queen bee" back in the day and she was jealous of Rosemary getting the scholarship to Stanford; "you should've seen your face when Rosemary was accepted into Stanford," Madeline says and Heather glares back and retorts "well, it looks like she did not quite make it." Heather needs to watch out, Madeline is a fierce lawyer and she has her eyes on the "spiteful" blonde.



Gore Bellows

It's the fans talking! Gore Bellows may have stated that he believes the Scott siblings to be guilty of Rosemary's murder, but it's not clear as to why. In one of the released trailers, we see Bellows burn Rosemary's picture with a lighter, which definitely proves there was an association or perhaps a connection with her murder. Madeline will figure out why.


Anyway, we have been promised that this murder mystery, unlike others, will wrap up in season one and we will know who did it by the end of the season. 

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