'Proven Innocent': Levi Scott may not have killed Rosemary, there is more to this character than being prime suspect

The very first episode stole Levi Scott's innocence, and despite indication he could be the killer, here's why we refuse to believe so

                            'Proven Innocent': Levi Scott may not have killed Rosemary, there is more to this character than being prime suspect

All eyes are on Levi Scott (Riley Smith). He could be the possible killer, after all, his innocence was robbed again in episode one when he confessed Rosemary Lynch was his lover in high school. His own sister, Madeline Scott (Rachelle Lefevre), tagged him as her prime suspect, and based on how it went in the last episode, she may very well reopen Rosemary's case and peg it on her brother, mainly because he had lied about the affair all these years, making his confession a turning point in validating their innocence.

Riley Smith's Levi Scott (Fox)
Riley Smith's Levi Scott (Fox)

It's easy to pin Levi as the suspect. His life after being freed from prison is a stark contrast from Madeline's, who is now a fierce young attorney, running a law firm to fight for the wrongly convicted, just like herself. Ten years ago, the Scott siblings were imprisoned for the murder of Madeline's best friend Rosemary, which turned out to be a high-profile case causing a media frenzy, amplified by sensational news.

After they were proven innocent, their life did not go back to normal. Madeline triumphed over the odds; thanks to her Yale law degree, she rebuilt her life and became a heroic icon to many, but for Levi, the story is completely different. He never could gain his ground again. His career took a backseat when he was accused of being violent, and he eventually reclined back to drugs.

Two episodes in, so far, Levi has just been a mess. He spiraled back into a troubled individual pretty quickly, and though Madeline suspects him, there's still a good chance he may not be the killer, even if he had a romantic relationship with Rosemary, or even if he was the first one to find her murdered on the cliff.

In a recent interview, Riley Smith assured that "over the course of the season, Levi finally finds a mission for himself, which is to find out who really killed Rosemary Lynch, because if they [Levi and Madeline] didn’t, somebody did. The only way he’s going to really ultimately clear his name publicly is by finding her killer."

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This not only means Levi will find his purpose, but we will likely also know who the killer is. Added to this, Riley said Madeline will not be the only Scott to fight Gore Bellows (Kelsey Grammer), the "corrupt" prosecutor who put the siblings in jail, Levi will fight too, face-to-face. However, "It’s going take a while to get there," Smith said.

Another assurance Levi isn't a murderer stems from Riley's training for the role. When the 40-year-old actor bagged the role, he was put in touch with a man named Jason Strong, who became his mentor. "He [Jason] was incarcerated for 15 years for a crime he didn’t commit, and I listened to a podcast with him about it,” Riley said in the same interview.

"The entire drive from Los Angeles to Chicago when I was moving to do this show, I must have listened to it three times. When I got to Chicago, I got to meet him and hang out with him. I’ve learned so much about this process, and it’s just a really unfair situation that so many people are in right now, and we’re hoping that this show will open people’s eyes to it. It’s a hot topic right now anyway, but hopefully, we can shed more light on it and bring more awareness to it, and help more wrongfully convicted people get out of prison," Riley added.

So, while Riley's role was mentored by Jason Strong, the role of Madeline was inspired by Amanda Knox's true story, but basically reimagining what it would have been like if Knox became a lawyer. Levi Scott, as a character, serves more purpose than just being a suspect, his character is in fact, a true reflection of how life is for people who are freed from prison. It's never the same.

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