'Proven Innocent' Season 1 preview: Kelsey Grammer paints in shades of grey as Gore Bellows in upcoming Fox show

You may not like Gore Bellows, the lawyer described as 'corrupt,' by Madeline Scott, but here's his story before the show airs on February 15.

                            'Proven Innocent' Season 1 preview: Kelsey Grammer paints in shades of grey as Gore Bellows in upcoming Fox show

Fox's anticipated legal drama starring Kelsey Grammer and Rachelle Lefevre, 'Proven Innocent' is slated to premiere in a few days time in the US and has been greenlit to reach the shores of UK and Africa next month.

The premise and synopsis of the drama make it clear as to who the series is about and what. The official synopsis reads that the show is about a "Wrongful conviction firm. Led by a fierce and fearless female lawyer with a hunger for justice, the team reopens investigations, putting their own lives in danger to exonerate the innocent that were 'proven' guilty. Our lead's motivation comes from her infamous past; as a young adult she was found guilty and later exonerated in a high-profile case in which she became a tabloid sensation, household name and national celebrity. While a hero and a victim to some, her bold and bullish tactics garner her some enemies—one of whom will do anything to see her go down for a crime we know she did not commit. We will watch her defend others as she fights to maintain her own innocence." 

Fox's upcoming legal court drama 'Proven Innocent' (Fox)
Fox's upcoming legal court drama 'Proven Innocent' (Fox)

Rachelle Lefevre plays the role of the protagonist, Madeline Scott, who along with her brother Levi Scott, is wrongfully convicted for the murder of her high school best friend Rosemary Lynch. After serving some prison time and ten years after being proven innocent, Madeline becomes a fierce lawyer fighting for all the wrongfully convicted. However, the mystery surrounding the death of Rosemary is still unresolved so she is still struggling to maintain her innocence.

Incoming is Gore Bellows, played by Kelsey Grammer, the villain of the story. Bellows is the one to have put Madeline and her brother behind bars. He believes she is guilty and he still does, but being portrayed as a one-dimensional villain is not how Grammer intends to play Bellows.

In a recent sneak peek published by Fox, the audience is getting an opportunity to understand the "villain," a little more.


"All I ever did was try to get justice for that poor girl. Now, she's going to haunt me to my grave," he says as the trailer opens. "What drives a district attorney, Gore Bellows is his desire to see justice done," opines Grammer. Simplifying this rather complicated character, Grammer shares that Bellows is a "true believer" in justice but "has made a deal with the devil a few times."

Riley Smith, who plays Madeline's brother Levi points out that no one wants to be evil for the sake of it.  "There's a reason behind everyone's motive and a great actor like Kelsey Grammer is going to be able to make people think." 

Lefevre, who is the "she" referred by Bellows in the beginning of the trailer weighs in two perspectives of Bellows. "Gore Bellows swears that he thinks she is genuinely guilty and I (Madeline Scott) see someone who saw an opportunity to make a name for himself." 


In one powerful moment in the trailer, as Scott goes against Bellows, he tells her right on her face that he still thinks she is guilty. "We have different views and different beliefs," says Russell Hornsby, who plays Ezekiel ‘Easy’ Boudreau, the lawyer to free Madeline Scott. "If you manage to free someone who is actually guilty, and they murder someone, then who's the villain in your story?" Bellows quips.

Bellows has been in the field for a long time with a responsibility to take care of people, even during the time when things were handled "differently." "He's been a pretty decent guy while navigating the back channels of Chicago," says Grammer. 

Smith adds that this show makes you see both sides of the story; "We aren't here just to judge before hearing all sides of the story," he concludes. Watching Bellows' version of the story, which is less talked about right now, definitely makes for an interesting legal drama to look forward to.

'Proven Innocent' airs on February 15 on Fox at 8/9c.