'Proven Innocent' episode 11 sneak peek shows how Levi Scott is getting better at solving crimes thanks to his high school hookups

'Proven Innocent' episode 11 sneak peek shows how Levi Scott is getting better at solving crimes thanks to his high school hookups

Levi Scott (Riley Smith) has been a lot of things- sad, depressed, needy, a drug addict, a sober man, but he hasn't necessarily been successful and that is magnified by the fact that his sister, Madeline Scott (Rachelle Lefevre) is now a successful lawyer in Chicago, despite both the Scott siblings going through the same damaging fate.

In other words, Madeline was able to get her life back on track after being wrongfully convicted for almost ten years, whereas Levi wasn't. However, in the episode 11 sneak peek, there's a silver lining for Levi and it all stems from the fact that he used to hook up a lot during his high school days.

In the upcoming episode, Levi decides to drop by his sister's apartment with coffee and muffins. At that time he sees her suspect web board flashing pictures of their former high school classmates. Madeline tells him that there were few initials she could not match with her former classmates and that is when Levi jumps in.  With just a glance, Levi traces that 'JS' stands for 'Julie Selowitz,' "which would make that Elaine Sweeney, Lisa Guzman and Lisa Harrington," he states.

His sister asks him in awe "How do you know all that?" 

"They were part of the cool crowd at the Sacred Heart, and I had a thing for Catholic girls back in the day," Levi confesses. From the tone of awe to that of disgust; Madeline quips:  "Don't tell me you hooked up with all of the girls at Sacred Heart."

"Not all of them," Levi responds. "Just most of them."

Riley Smith as Levi Scott (Fox)

Madeline, who is in a hurry and rushing out, gives him a boost and says: "You're getting really good at this," before she shuts the door and shouts to "feed Atticus," her dog, she adopted in season 1.

This sneak peek of episode 11 actually proves that Levi is more a man than he's been shown to be. He lost his only job early this season and even resorted to drugs. In episode 1 itself, he confessed that he was in a relationship with Rosemary Lynch, Madeline's best friend, for whose murder both of the Scott siblings were falsely convicted by Gore Bellows (Kelsey Grammer).

With this, small, beautiful and fruitful moment, a glitter of hope is seen on Levi's eyes even if his shrug did not exactly come with humility. 

Proven Innocent airs on Fox at 9/8 c on Fridays.

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