'Proven Innocent' Season 1 preview: Kelsey Grammer and Rachelle Lefevre shine in Fox's upcoming legal drama

New cases, some of which are based on true stories, are tackled every week, while the major mystery of the whodunit unravels in the backdrop.

                            'Proven Innocent' Season 1 preview: Kelsey Grammer and Rachelle Lefevre shine in Fox's upcoming legal drama

FOX's highly-anticipated legal drama has sailed to the shores of the UK and Africa even before it has premiered, so the added audience only means more expectations. FOX had teased us with several short trailers and while the premise of the show sounds like any other court-drama, 'Proven Innocent' stands distinctly apart from other shows in the genre for juggling several cases with dexterity and mystery.

The cast includes Rachelle Lefevre as Madeline Scott, who is a fierce lawyer fighting cases for the wrongfully convicted while trying to maintain her own innocence. She herself was wrongfully convicted, when she was a teenager, for the murder of her best friend Rosemary Lynch. A rather "corrupt" lawyer named Gore Bellow, played by Kelsey Grammer, sentenced Madeline and her brother to jail, but she was proven innocent. Ten years after her release, Madeline became a fierce lawyer, running her own firm and thirsting for justice.

Here's what you can expect from the drama:

A soapy-thriller


The first trailer rendered the idea that an hour-long episode will have a "soapy-sexy" vibe revolving around the mystery of Rosemary's murder. Wasting no time, Madeline sets the record straight: "10 years after being proven innocent, I now defend the wrongfully convicted." The show's executive producer Danny Strong says the idea was to get an "emotional and exciting" TV show with a mix of "soapy sexy quality" spiced up with a "terrific murder mystery of who really killed Rosemary Lynch."

New cases every week

With new episodes every Friday, the show will tackle cases of the innocents, the ones established lawyers choose to ignore. Some of the cases you will come across will be based out of true stories. "We have quite a few whipped from the headline kind of stories," said the 39-year-old Rachelle in a trailer interview. We aren't sure which cases are picked but we do see the victims echo cries saying "no one has cared before," or "god is punishing me."

Madeline's own story sounds familiar

The protagonist serves some time in jail, she becomes a tabloid sensation for murdering her best friend, and when she is proven innocent, she is a controversial figure, nicknamed an "all American psycho" among other things. The reason why it sounds a bit familiar is because it echoes the infamous case of Amanda Knox.  Knox, a 20-year-old American woman, was nicknamed 'Foxy Knoxy' by the tabloids, spent almost four years in an Italian prison following her conviction for the 2007 murder of British exchange student, Meredith Kercher, until proven innocent in 2015. It would be incorrect to state the show is entirely based on Amanda Knox's case because it has reimagined what it would be if she had become a lawyer.

A still from 'Proven Innocent' (FOX)
A still from 'Proven Innocent' (FOX)

Rachelle as Madeline and Kelsey Grammer as Gore Bellows

Before seeing Rachelle as a lawyer, we met her as a fierce blood-thirsty vampire, Victoria Sutherland in 'Twilight.' She is almost the same here, but instead of a blood-thirsty creature, she is a justice-hungry lawyer. As for Kelsey Grammer and the prolific actor that he is, be ready to see how he plays off the bad guy. Riley Smith, who plays Madeline's brother Levi, states that a "great actor like Kelsey Grammer is going to be able to make people think." So let's put our bets on who is proven innocent and who is not.


Soaring emotions

Be ready to be taken on an emotional ride, as Madeline tries to prove her own innocence and defends those who are helpless and innocent. We meet Lucia, a woman labeled as a "witch" for burning down her house and a family, and we also meet a Muslim woman who believes that God is punishing her. With new cases every day that promise to make an "impact" on the audience, the eight-episode series will definitely be a tear-jerker.

Here's an official synopsis: 'Proven Innocent' is set in a "wrongful conviction firm. Led by a fierce and fearless female lawyer with a hunger for justice, the team reopens investigations, putting their own lives in danger to exonerate the innocent that were 'proven' guilty. Our lead's motivation comes from her infamous past; as a young adult she was found guilty and later exonerated in a high-profile case in which she became a tabloid sensation, household name and national celebrity. While a hero and a victim to some, her bold and bullish tactics garner her some enemies — one of whom will do anything to see her go down for a crime we know she did not commit. We will watch her defend others as she fights to maintain her own innocence."

The show premieres on February 15 on FOX.