'Proven Innocent' episode 2 review: Madeline Scott takes zero shots of alcohol, one shot of justice and frees 2 women

Madeline Scott sets many free but her past still traps her into revisting the nightmare that refuses to be forgotten

                            'Proven Innocent' episode 2 review: Madeline Scott takes zero shots of alcohol, one shot of justice and frees 2 women

A fleeting glimpse of a red-head vampire, a complex case of murder and the liberation of two women trapped in different ways; episode 2 of Fox's new legal drama, 'Proven Innocent,' had a lot to prove after the series premiere received mixed reviews.

Watching Rachelle Lefevre play the role of Madeline Scott, a young lawyer who fights for the wrongly convicted because she herself was wrongfully convicted for the murder of her best friend, echoes a lot of roles the actress has played before, and this episode is sure to delight her 'Twilight' fans.

Episode 1 was clear when it came to Madeline's "media caricature" as a party girl. Despite how she was portrayed while her case was going on, Madeline does not drink. So, it's surprising to know the episode titled 'The Burden of Truth,' opens with Madeline having shots and taking selfies with an unknown guy, until we see her sneakily spill the liquor on the floor and then warn the man, named Jeff Skadden, she is there to serve him a subpoena for Tamara Folsom's (Tyla Abercrumbie) case. He immediately slaps her and she falls flat on the floor, but that does not hinder her chase, so reminiscent of Victoria Sutherland's swift agility in the 'Twilight' series. 

However, her chase is futile and she ends up getting wounded, but why worry when we have Bodie Quick (Vincent Kartheiser) on Madeline's team? No person is too hard to catch for this young katana-wielding investigator so he traps Jeff Skadden by luring him into a believing he won a free trip to Hawaii. Setting the record straight that he was attacked by Tamara on the night he tried to rape her, he appears in the court providing Tamara with an alibi, thereby proving she did not commit the murder she's been imprisoned for.

It's been 16 long years since Tamara has been imprisoned for a murder she did not commit, just like Madeline was when she was convicted for the murder of Rosemary Lynch ten years ago. So, there are a lot of flashback in this episode since Madeline seems to recall her own experiences when dealing with her clients.

Tamara's case is actually quite complex because she's been accused of murdering a man she did not even know. The only reason she was arrested is because the murder happened the same night she was attacked by Skadden and she used a knife as a means of self-defense. The murder took place the same night, in another part of the town and a knife was used to kill Tim Manning. 

This comes together as a woman named Celeste is discovered by Madeline and her team. At first, she appears a regular girl, working in car sales with a clean record. Known to have dated the murder victim, Celeste at first denies even knowing him. Violet Price (Nikki M. James) finds out Celeste has an alter ego and is, in fact, an escort and the car sales place is, in fact, a brothel.

Madeline persuades her to meet Tamara, hear her story and tell the truth. Narrating a rather tragic story, Celeste breaks down while detailing how running away from home at the age of 16 and being broke made her land in a relationship with Tim Manning, who frequently accused her and made her make $300 a night. Another pimp, named David, wanted Celeste, so he "took care of him [Manning]"


This provokes a confession from the murderers the next day as Madeline and Ezekiel 'Easy' Boudreau (Russell Hornsby), pose as an interracial couple at the car sales garage and arrest the real murders. It's a win for Tamara, and with the truth, even Celeste is set free.

However, Madeline is far from her own freedom as she hints towards reopening her own case of Rosemary, so the murderer is found. Her suspect is her own brother Levi Scott. No one would be happier than Gore Bellows to see one of the Scott siblings behind bars as he runs for state Attorney General. Madeline is the biggest threat to his candidature, so he hires Isabel Sanchez, an attractive aspiring prosecutor and daughter of one of his clients. Gore uses Isabel in his campaign ads.

Things aren't faring well for Madeline's lawyer and colleague, Easy, as his family life starts imploding because of his hectic work. Things aren't looking too good for our core protagonists, but at least they are nailing all the cases they are undertaking.