'Proven Innocent' preview: Before Madeline Scott fought for the innocent, Ezekiel Boudreau did and set her free

There's a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming Fox legal drama 'Proven Innocent,' and here's why Russell Hornsby's character is so important

                            'Proven Innocent' preview: Before Madeline Scott fought for the innocent, Ezekiel Boudreau did and set her free

One more day to go for the premiere of Fox's highly anticipated legal drama 'Proven Innocent,' and we have so many powerful characters to watch out for. Madeline Scott, played by Rachelle Lefevre takes center stage as the young lawyer fiercely fighting for the wrongly convicted because she herself was falsely sentenced for the murder of her best friend Rosemary Lynch.

Ten years after she was proven innocent, she becomes a lawyer herself to fight for those just like her. However, the entirety of this premise is possible, thanks to the lawyer who proved Madeline's innocence first and empowered her to fight for justice - Ezekiel Boudreau, played by Russell Hornsby.

Even before Madeline started fighting for the innocent and established a law firm for the wrongly convicted, Boudreau took upon himself that responsibility. So, when we meet him, he is Madeline's partner in solving crime and a rock and pillar to her determined passion for fighting injustice. 

In a recently released trailer, we heard Boudreau set his priorities straight: "We fight for the innocent people, no matter who they are." In a previously released trailer, we see him make a very important point; if established and reputed lawyers were not taking up fighting the famous case of the innocent girl, then who is fighting for those innocent people who aren't famous? "If 2,735 trained lawyers would ignore an innocent girl whose case was famous, who is going to fight for the innocent people behind bars who aren't famous?" he asks.

The man who freed Madeline Scott, is now the one who will free many other innocent prisoners. "I dedicated my life to freeing the innocents. I am not going to stop now," Boudreau says with conviction as he takes on difficult cases, shaking hands with the prisoners and joining forces with Madeline's unstoppable prowess. 

A brief glimpse of Boudreau shows you he is a man of depth and profound character. He wasn't always a lawyer, it was Madeline's case that prompted him to be one, and now, he will, forever, pursue it as a calling. Mostly spotted alongside Madeline in almost all of the released trailers, it can be said with a guarantee that he not only mentors the young lawyer in her pursuit to take down reputed and notorious prosecutor Gore Bellows, but also brings out the best in Madeline to stealthy win her cases.

He is also the man who will help Madeline retain her innocence as her past keeps plaguing her and many are vying for her to land in prison, especially Bellows, who believes she is still guilty. Boudreau also is a major catalyst in defining the tense relationship between Madeline and Bellows.

In one of the previous trailers, we hear Bellows tell Boudreau "If you manage to free someone who is actually guilty, and they murder someone, then who's the villain in your story?" This makes Boudreau speechless for a second, perhaps on seeing a rather grey side to the antagonist of the story. 

In Hornsby's recent interview; he said it was the story that drew him into starring in 'Proven Innocent,' but it was the character of a powerful lawyer doing something "meaning and purposeful," that stirred him into playing Ezekiel Boudreau. 

In tomorrow's premiere, don't miss the impactful and powerful role Hornsby delivers as a reinsurance regulator turned lawyer.