‘Property Brothers: Forever Home’ Season 3 Episode 6: Waylon and Adam's house gets superhero-inspired makeover

‘Property Brothers: Forever Home’ Season 3 Episode 6: Waylon and Adam's house gets superhero-inspired makeover

Waylon and Adam are a young couple who recently moved out of the city condo life and bought their first home in the quieter suburbs of Toronto. But the house lacks character and the right elements that can make it a home and resonate with their taste. Ergo, the Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott come to their rescue. They discover that the couple has contrasting tastes in decor but they both find common grounds in comic books and collectibles. The Scotts figured that this could work as a major inspiration for their renovation project.

It was easy to design a theme for the couple since the house came without any furniture or major fixture. For collectors and superhero fans, they need a space carved out specifically for collectibles and to show off their fanfare. During the renovation, Drew and Jonathan found a wall space and built a shelf that Adam and Waylon could dedicate for figurines and memories. Wall shelves are great to display collections and its best to have it in the lounging area where your guests can see them. It also works as a great conversation starter!

Next, when it is a home for nerds and readers, a reading corner is a must. So the Scott brothers gave the couple a cozy corner where they could spend hours reading up on their favorite superheroes and escaping into the comic world after a long day. But the highlight of the renovation was giving Adam and Waylon a gift that would remain the biggest memorabilia for them and defines their home’s personality. Jonathan and Drew Scott created a comic wall art for display in the living area. During the demolition phase, they took some fun photos of the couple posing as their favorite superheroes.

Later, they created a comic strip featuring all four of them in three different panels. This can work as a great artwork which is not only original but also lets you define your décor. The perfect blend of modern and traditional, Adam and Waylon’s suburban home indeed became a den for superheroes!

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