‘Property Brothers: Forever Home’ Season 3 Episode 5: DIY renovation made better with professional expertise

The brothers collaborate with Mark and Colette to complete their unfinished home renovation project and help them achieve their design goals

                            ‘Property Brothers: Forever Home’ Season 3 Episode 5: DIY renovation made better with professional expertise
Before and after pics of Colette and Mark's home (HGTV)

HGTV’s ‘Forever Home’ is not just about turning around an old property or improving the interior space of a house. It is also about collaborating with homeowners and helping them achieve their renovation goals.

Episode 5 ‘New Hub of the Neighborhood’ explored such collaboration of the Scott brothers and a couple who had taken up home improvement on their own. Ten years ago, Mark and Colette bought a fixer-upper and decided to do the renovation themselves. It’s not every day that homeowners take up DIY projects of such length and breadth. However, with kids and home, it was difficult for them and they had to stall all projects.

And now, that the kids have all grown up, Colette and Mark returned to their original plan of renovating their home and turn it into a space that they always wanted. But how do you get back to a project after so many years and when the house is already up and running? Ergo, Drew and Jonathan Scott stepped in.

Typically, the brothers would take the homeowners through ideas and design options on the inspiration tour. But when it came to Colette, she had her design ideas too! After all, it was her unfinished project that she has been putting on hold and this was her opportunity to put them into execution, albeit with the help of professionals like Drew and Jonathan. Instead of being guided on the inspiration tour, Colette came up with color schemes, fixture suggestions and accents that she had in mind. The Scott brothers were pleasantly surprised at how she spoke the design language like a pro. In fact, it only helped and directed them to achieve the ultimate design goal that the family wanted.

They did a major overhaul of the rooms by breaking down the partitions and bringing in more light and air, and thus turning the cozy home into a brighter and cheery space.

With two-tone counters and cabinets, brass fixtures and mosaic backsplash, Drew and Jonathan felt that Colette was in sync with what they would have suggested. In the end, it turned out to be a complete collaborative effort from the professionals and the homeowners and ended up in a home that the neighborhood would envy and love at the same time.

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