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'Property Brothers: Forever Home' Season 3 Episode 3: Vintage home gets upgraded to millennial-friendly space

The Scott brothers transform a very old property into a living space perfect for the future by not only changing the layout but also retaining the classic vintage elements
Before and after renovation of Binh and Raymond's vintage home (HGTV)
Before and after renovation of Binh and Raymond's vintage home (HGTV)

The all-new season of 'Forever Home' seems to focus on turning around age-old properties into spaces worthwhile for the present and the future. Episode ‘Out of the Past and into the Future’ follows the same trend, where Drew and Jonathan Scott head to Toronto to help a couple renovate their home.

Binh and Raymond own a huge and classic 1950s home in the beautiful suburbs of Toronto. Their home might be very old but has a lot of memories attached. They have spent 18 years at the same place with family and friends around the neighborhood, making it special.

However, with a growing family of three kids, they need more space and need to enhance the layout, which otherwise is closed and lacks room. However, being vintage, they also have an attachment to its dated value.

And that is where the Scott brothers and their renovation expertise come to the rescue. The initial plan was to break open the walls between seating and dining and make it more open and wider for better air and light flow.

The open floor plan would also allow more room for hosting playgroups for Binh and entertain their family and friends. Drew and Jonathan revamp their entire layout plan and create a main living room, dining room and kitchen where they can make memories for 20 more years.

But when it is about renovating such an old property, a lot of other aspects come to light while you are at it. Along with recreating the floor plan and making it look state-of-the-art, they also had to waterproof the place so it lasts for more years to come.

The brothers along with their design and construction team worked on bigger and wider windows, replaced the kitchen cabinets and other woodwork and fixtures that would not only look cumbersome but also were outdated and not efficient for present-day living.

They also included an entire series of modern furniture and upholstery, while incorporating some classic elements like art deco tiles and spindles for the staircase railings, and a blend of vintage and modern décor accents, making the final output perfect for the millennial children who could enjoy this living space even in the future.

And all this, at a reasonable budget of $187,000! Binh and Raymond have a beautiful and huge space but with time, one needs to make their living spaces future-ready and apt for a growing family.

The Scott brothers proved with this project that with the right layout plan, even a 1950s home can look like a swanky piece of millennial architecture. 'Property Brothers: Forever Home' Season 3 airs every Wednesday at 8 pm / 7c on HGTV.