‘Property Brothers: Forever Home’ Season 2 Episode 12: Fans love how the Scott Brothers played with an open layout floor plan

‘Property Brothers: Forever Home’ Season 2 Episode 12: Fans love how the Scott Brothers played with an open layout floor plan

Watch out for spoilers for Episode 12, if you haven’t tuned in yet!

Drew and Jonathan have taken up the task of renovating the home of a loving couple in the cozy neighborhood of Etobicoke, ON. Michelle, Chris, and their two daughters have been holding onto it and haven't really had a social life due to lack of space. Although they have lived in the house for only 12 years, the construction is much older and doesn’t quite fit the modern lifestyle. As Drew rightly points out, “It used to be an old concept to separate the kitchen from the dining, but such layout plans don’t work anymore.” Particularly, for people like Michelle and Chris or their kids who specifically want more space to entertain guests. So the brothers come up with the idea of breaking down the walls between the living area, kitchen, and dining, and making it into a single space and highlight each area with contrasting colors. And the fans, as much as us, are in love with the final output.

@RyanBartholomee tweets, “Open concept makes a huge difference! #PropertyBrothers #OnHGTV” He also adds, “Those engineering beams are fascinating. They really open up some great open concept options! #PropertyBrothers #OnHGTV” And we couldn’t agree more. The engineering idea is not only smart and creative but also highly utility driven, with long-term benefits for the family.

By adding a reinforcement beam in the basement to support the main floor, it not only made the foundation stronger but also helped expand the space in the living area. Even without any technical knowledge of architecture, anyone can see the difference between a walled space and open space. With natural light and air flowing across without any barrier, it creates a visual impression of bigger and wider space, which also brightens up the floor. And adding a focal point with the fireplace and the life-size family photo just completed the look.

We second @designer211282 who comments, “Beautiful results on the main floor!! ❤❤❤#PropertyBrothers #ForeverHome”
Watch the final look of the renovated home of Michelle and Chris below:



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