HGTV 'Property Brothers: Forever Home': Scotts' renovate Sarah and Todd's sports arena to family home for $125,000

Sarah and Todd's sons had inherited their love for sports and their house bore scuff marks from hockey pucks and leather balls, but the parents now wanted a mature family house

                            HGTV 'Property Brothers: Forever Home': Scotts' renovate Sarah and Todd's sports arena to family home  for $125,000
Todd and Sarah - HGTV

Wednesday night's episode of 'Property Brothers: Forever Home' titled 'Home Run Reno' featured Las Vegas couple Sarah and Todd along with their two sons. The family was huge on their love for sports, Sarah and Todd themselves met at a football party and their sons inherited their love for competitive games. So much so, that they'd play indoors. Their entire house was a testimony for the same as it bore marks from hockey pucks and leather balls etc.

Sarah and Todd purchased the home in 2008, right after it was framed. They were the first owners and they built their family in this house, that coupled with their sons being attached to it was reason enough for them to decide against purchasing a new house and continue living in the same space. They didn't want to move out but wanted to upgrade their interiors. The house was fit for a young family, and with the boys entering a mature phase, their athletic parents wanted to transform it to make it functional for their family and enlisted the help of Jonathan and Andrew "Drew" Scott for the same. 

Sarah and Todd wanted a farmhouse contemporary style renovation across their house. Their wishlist included durable flooring, a family-sized island, a backyard view, wood and metal accents in the living room. For furniture, they wanted something with comfort and depth, and a traditional brick fireplace in the living room was a requisite for them. They wanted warm tones around the house and carpeting in the boys' area upstairs to absorb all the noise since they would be running around a lot. 

Jonathan and Drew came up with two options for the couple. For option one, they'd tick all the boxes from the wishlist and the renovation was priced at $125,000 dollars that would be completed in 6 weeks. This was $15,000 below their original budget. For option 2, apart from their wishlist, Jonathan and Drew suggested they'd freshen up the main bedroom, and also give them a new bathroom with a tub and two showers as well as relocate their closet and add tiles throughout. Sarah and Todd chose the first option and the end result left them overwhelmingly happy. The Brothers had made sure to utilize every corner in the house, transforming it from a sports arena to a family home. 

'Property Brothers: Forever Home' airs Wednesdays at 9 pm ET on HGTV. 

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