'Property Brothers: Forever Home': Big-hearted couple Bruce and Patricia get a home renovation of their dreams

The couple opened their hearts to their departed brother's children, John and Mary, by adopting them, so the brothers helped turn their house into a home fit for five

                            'Property Brothers: Forever Home': Big-hearted couple Bruce and Patricia get a home renovation of their dreams

Tonight's (June 17) episode of 'Property Brothers: Forever Home' featured Bruce and Patricia. Their lives were turned upside down a year ago by a tragic event, the passing of their brother. This incident changed everything for them overnight as they decided to adopt their late brother's children - Mary and John. Their house was a good enough space for them and their son Logan and they now wanted it to be functional enough for a family of five. Jonathan and Drew Scott were tasked with giving this couple with a big heart, a home renovation of their dreams. 

The house had three bedrooms before the renovations - the master bedroom for the couple with a crib for their adopted son John, a room for their adopted daughter Mary and their son Logan's room. The basement housed Patricia's "lady lounge" where she retreated for her "me time". The kitchen was a good size but the couple wanted a space wherein all of them could sit and dine together, an island kind of a setting was what they wanted. The kitchen was also closed off from the rest of the house and the couple wanted it to change since they now had very young kids in the house. They also wanted wide plank flooring, a feature wall, two-tone cabinets in the kitchen, a nursery for their son John along with a family-sized island in the kitchen, and an open-space plan across the house.  

The couples had a total of $155,000 spared for this renovation and Jonathan and  Andrew immediately set out to work. Apart from ticking all the requirements off the couple's wishlist, they added a few more touches to the house personalized to the family's needs. For eg they added a soccer stadium mural to Logan's bedroom and new wallpapers in the house. They also renovated their backyard deck and customized it in a way that all of the five members of the family along with their guests could gather without worrying about space. All of this was within the budget. Also seen making an appearance on this episode of 'Forever Home' was Jonathan and Drew's elder brother JD Scott. He was brought in specially to bond with Logan who was seemingly overwhelmed with a sudden change in his life that turned him into an elder brother, almost overnight.  

'Property Brothers: Forever Home' airs Wednesday nights at 9 pm ET only on HGTV.

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