Jonathan and Andrew Scott, better known as the Property Brothers transform houses week after week on their show 'Property Brothers: Forever Home'. This week it was time for Ben and Brooke and their two children to get a renovation of their dreams. They've lived in this house for eight years and even though it had a couple of major issues, their lakeside friendly neighborhood was the one that was something that they didn't want to miss out on. The biggest issue with their house was that it lacked functionality in many aspects and the Property Brothers stepped in with their expertise to make their three-bedroom and one bath house more liveable for the couple and their children.

It didn't take a lot of digging around or moving around the house to discover the problem areas. The entryway was the first thing that the couple needed help with. It was as cramped and narrow as an alley and a claustrophobic person's nightmare. The living room again had a lot less space, the chunky furniture even though pushed way back to the windows, it still ate up a lot of space and made it look smaller than it actually was. The kitchen in the house was the space that needed the most work. A very small window, not doing justice to the beautiful view outside, a kitchen sink in a very small corner, an equally small dinner nook was simply not something that was working for the couple who loved to entertain. They held pizza parties at their house on Fridays and the matchbox layout of their house was something they could do away with. 

The couple had a budget of $1,80,000 to spare for this entire renovation. Their wishlist included an open floor plan, a kitchen island, a splash of color in the kitchen, and storage space in the living room so that they could have a space to stow away their kids' toys. They also wanted a powder room near the entrance so that their kids could clean themselves off once they came back all dusty after playing outside. The Property Brothers had two options for the couple - the first one included everything they wanted except the powder room. They were confident to finish it off in six weeks with $1,60,000. The couple was excited to hear that they could save $20,000 if they let the powder room go and they settled for it. 

The first week of renovation entailed pulling out the cabinets and sink from the kitchen and taking the small window down. They also knocked down the wall that stood between the living room and kitchen. In the following weeks, the staircase was refurbished, the window was extended by 15 inches, walls were insulated using spray foam. Shiplap walls were added to the kitchen, new backsplash, and added storage spaces was put in. An island was added to the kitchen, designer tiles in the back of the island, a quartz countertop was a couple of other additions as well. A feature wall in the living room and additional storage space in the living room too was a part of the renovation. Most importantly, they were able to expand the entryway of the house as well. 

'Property Brothers: Forever Home' airs Wednesday nights on HGTV. 

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